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Digital Large Format Printing Services

Large Format Printing

Apple Visual Graphics specializes in wide format printing to provide you with an impeccable image to impress your audience. We can print projects between 2 and 10 feet wide to help your advertisement have the uniform look that you desire. The quality of our wide print formatting meets the same specifications as our smaller projects, allowing you a dramatic way to gain the attention of your audience without sacrificing quality.

Printing your images so that they become larger than life will allow them to draw the attention of people near and far. When you print a subway poster, only the people standing unobstructed in the direct vicinity will notice it. It’s certainly an excellent way to market to your customers, but it doesn’t necessarily stand out. When you have a building wrap in the same campaign, people will see it from wherever they are. The enormous piece will draw attention and give your brand credibility.

For large format digital printing, we use the same high-quality inkjet technology, as is used for smaller items. By doing so, we can guarantee a consistently flawless outcome, across all print sizes. Our wide-format printers also have the capability to print on a variety of papers, including premium glossy-coated paper, for large signs and posters. Not only does Apple Visual Graphics have the equipment to tackle large digital printing jobs, but we also have the trained staff and expertise to produce a beautiful end result. Printing on large-format paper isn’t necessarily easy, because new margin sizes and enhanced image quality must be taken into consideration, for the image to fall correctly on the format. However, the team of staff members at Apple Visual Graphics can make sure your image looks perfect on any size print, and they can also offer advice about the style of paper or vinyl you should use. By choosing the proper paper style and image resolution, your sign will be the best it can be. The high quality result will enhance the overall reputation of your brand.

Large format printing can be a perfect way to launch a new campaign or revamp an old one. Whether you’re looking to wow customers with an announcement, or supplement the images in your existing campaign with images that are impossible to ignore, large format printing is the best choice. If you are ready to start a new project, or would like to take an old advertisement to a whole new level, contact the team at Apple Visual Graphics to see how we can meet your large format printing goals.