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Interactive Backlit Display


Bring your advertisements to life with Vikuiti rear projection film. This marketing method is very effective to use as a digital representative of your company at a trade show since it leaves a lasting impression on your audience. Apple Visual Graphics can help you create the most unique Vikuiti display to help you bring your company one step ahead of the competition.

Optical adhesive used to fasten the film to a clear substrate minimizes reflections and is completely removable. The combination of advanced film and glare-reducing adhesive allows video, static images and dynamic messages to be projected onto the surface that are high contrast and offer wide viewing angles, even in daylight. The removable adhesive means Vikuiti displays can be used as temporary installations in storefront windows without leaving a messy residue behind.

This technology has been most widely used to create digital spokespeople at trade shows and fairs. While having business cards and sales sheets to hand out at fairs is nice, displaying a virtual company representative who can talk to customers leaves behind a truly memorable experience. Using non-traditional advertising and engaging tactics such as Vikuiti instantly creates a sense of tech-savvy that is associated with your brand.

Because the film can be laminated to any transparent surface it is ideal for creating portable displays made of clear acrylic panels.  Apple Visual Graphics is experienced in creating one-of-a-kind Vikuiti displays that are sure to impress potential clients waiting in your lobby or industry contacts at trade shows. The creative potential available in a Vikuiti display is virtually limitless.

If you are looking for new and exciting ways of spreading your message, call a printing expert at Apple Visual Graphics today to learn more about how Vikuiti can be tailored to your needs.