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Table Tents

Table Tents

Apple Visual Graphics prints, laminates, diecuts and mounts to create a myriad of table tent options.

Table tents boast a wide number of uses. From advertising the specials in a restaurant, to displaying pertinent information at a trade show ,or even showcasing important information at business meetings, table tents are a perfect way to make the best impression while delivering the information that your potential customers need. At Apple Visual Graphics, we can help you design the perfect table tent to help you create the durable, eye catching advertisement that will bring in more customers.

Annual banquets and events are able to use table tents as place markers for individuals or VIP tables. Crafting table tents with simple yet elegant messaging makes it clear where everyone’s place is, freeing up the event coordinator from fielding lots of questions. At trade shows, bold table tents have the ability to grab people’s attention much better than flat piles of business cards.

When products are as simple as a table tent, the key to creating a professional look is using the highest quality papers and inks. For complete polish, choose from custom sizes, papers, lamination, die cutting, foiling and embossing options. Contact Apple Visual Graphics today to see how our printing team can help with your next table tent project.