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Custom Swatch Cards

Swatch Cards

Apple Visual Graphics has a skilled team working in our finishing department allowing us to make swatch cards with removable swatching.  We have also custom made swatch book binders with a heavy matte lam for a satiny feel.

Swatch cards are essential for businesses that sell paints, fabrics, or inks. At Apple Visual Graphics we offer custom swatch cards along with book binders to help you make a professional impact on your customers. Trust us and we’ll help you set the perfect first impression as you try to rise above the competition.

The real secret to an outstanding swatch card is having the CMYK printing capabilities and know-how to custom match any color. We can take samples of your actual product and recreate the exact color tones on paper or cut and adhere samples to a printed surface.

A variety of styles and types of swatch cards can be produced in our printing plant. Depending on your business or industry, you may require flat panels, folded or booklet style swatch cards. The printing experts at Apple Visual Graphics have the experience to help you decide which format will best suit your clientele and the capability to produce beautiful, high-quality swatch cards in a short period of time. Send us a note with information about your business needs or call us to speak with a printing expert.