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Street Pole Banner Advertising

Street Pole Banners

Apple Visual Graphics can print and finish any banne, fabric or vinyl with pole pockets and hemmed edges to create a street pole banner or kakemono.

Street pole banners are a great way to catch the attention of thousands of people per day. At Apple Visual Graphics, we provide custom street pole banners in a variety of materials to help you bring attention to your business. Whether you are advertising a new business or simply reminding your audience that your doors are still open, our street pole banners can be customized to meet all of your needs. 

Because of their placement, street pole banners have the potential to attract lots of customer attention and can be used to promote a specific event or simply increase brand awareness. New to the neighborhood? Have street pole banners created to announce your new location and grand opening date. Hosting an annual sale, event or promotion? Place pole advertisements for several weeks ahead of time to ensure nearby customers are in the know. Street pole banners have the added benefit of being in fixed locations, making them ideal for targeting commuters on their way to work or regular visitors to a given neighborhood. Community organizations can also take advantage of this medium to identify historical districts or promote community pride and unity.

A simple yet beautifully-designed street pole banner can go a long way to endorse an event or raise awareness. The printing experts at Apple Visual Graphics will be happy to help you or your organization create a unique and eye-catching banner that works to meet your marketing goals. Pair street pole signs with other outdoor advertising like building wraps and taxi tops to maximize your street exposure. Contact Apple Visual Graphics today to get a free quote for your street pole banner project.