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Window Decal Printing

Static Cling


Apple Visual Graphics can print on Static Cling if your company is not sure it wants to commit to installation and deinstallation of adhesive vinyl.  Maybe you have a week long sale and want to easily take signage down, then static cling is for you!

When you are unsure about where you want to place your advertisements, our static clings are the perfect choice since they can be used over and over again on windows, giving you more options. You can even create your own mobile advertisement by sticking it to the window of your car or truck. You could even give it to your customers and let them do the advertising for you! Whether you are looking for temporary advertisements or something a little more permanent, static cling products are a very cost effective method of marketing. 

These graphics also work perfectly for simple window displays that can be used over and over again throughout the year. Window stickers are easy to use, but still have all of the impact of more complex graphic installations. Use bright colors and bold text to draw passersby into your storefront location, or announce the opening of a new location with static stickers in window displays. Because these promotional stickers can be used more than one time, they are a solid investment that can provide great returns. Static clings can also be given out to customers as promotional items to place on their cars or home windows, making them great for wide-spread advertising campaigns.

The experienced team at Apple Visual Graphics can create custom window clings in a variety of shapes, sizes and designs. Printing a full color logo onto a static cling is a quick and simple order or unique messaging and images can be created to maximize the appeal of your storefront. Window stickers can be printed in nearly any amount from very short runs to large orders.

Own companies in multiple locations? We can print static clings and ship them individually to each store or office for a unified branding campaign. This versatile way of showcasing your company logo or message can be used in countless ways. Contact the team at Apple Visual Graphics today to see how we can tailor a static cling design to meet your specific needs.