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Direct Mail Postcards


Apple Visual Graphics can print and manage your direct mail mail campaign. from Postcard printing, to printing the indicia and delivery to the post office, Apple Visual Graphics can meet your postcard needs.

Postcards are a cost effective marketing method of gaining the attention of your target audience. At Apple Visual Graphics, we offer custom postcards in a variety of layouts to help you create the perfect postcard that meets your branding needs. We will handle all aspects of your postcard needs from printing to mailing them in order to make the process simple for you.

Postcard printing is also a perfect option for announcements. You can send high-quality postcards out to clients and customers when you’re having a sale, so that they make a visit to your store. You can also announce events with a postcard, instead of creating a set of invitations. Postcards are simple and irresistible to read, since the text is already laid out in front of your customers. They don’t have to go through the trouble of opening an envelope, which will make them more likely to pay attention.

With a custom postcard printing package from Apple Visual Graphics, you can even customize each postcard to include specific information. For example, you could send postcards to show your appreciation for a customer’s business, or his or her attendance to your event. To do so, you can create a photo postcard printing template with our team of experts, and then place custom orders each time you need a new postcard created. Adding a customer’s name on a postcard will show your true and undivided appreciation.

A stock of custom papers, sizes, finishes, lamination, die cutting, perforation, foiling and embossing allows you to fully customize postcards for any need all with color postcard printing. Let our printing experts create a unique design for you or have an existing advertisement printed on a smaller scale. Postcards also make for great casual invitations to events or open house parties. Call the professionals at Apple Visual Graphics to get started on your postcard printing project today.