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Restaurant & Takeout Menus


Apple Visual Graphics prints Menus for many of its neighbors.  Menus can be bound or folded in many ways and are often on a thinner glossy stock we keep in house.

Restaurant menus are an essential part of any restaurant business. Apple Visual Graphics provides a large variety of options to help you customize your menus to meet the needs of your individual restaurant. Whether you need menus, door hangers, table tents, or any other type of restaurant advertisements, we can provide professional materials to help your restaurant succeed.

Apple Visual Graphics can laminate your Menu to make it more kid friendly.

In addition to creating custom layouts, the staff here can also help you solve any problems you’re having with your restaurant menu printing. If you’re unsure about how to organize a very large amount of information on the menu, our experts can help you find a solution. It can be difficult to organize the flow of information so that each customer is satisfied, but our staff members have years of experience doing just that. Unlike other restaurant menu printing services, Apple Visual Graphics goes above and beyond by offering advice about the organization and layout of your menu, should you need it. We don’t just blindly print out each menu that you’ve requested and ship it out. Instead, we help you at every step of the way.

Custom sizing, papers, finishes, die cutting, perforation, foiling and embossing are just some of the ways we allow you to create truly individualized menus that will add to the overall dining experience. We can help print beautiful restaurant menus using text, graphics and photographs for a tailored look. Contact our team of menu printing professionals today to learn about how we can create menus for all your restaurant needs.