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Light Box Backlit Display


Apple Visual Graphics can print your backlit display on Duratrans and MTA, PATH and Nationwide Mall Spec substrates like Duratext.

When you are in need of displays for lighted theatrical sets or TVs, remember that Apple Visual Graphics is the top provider of these types of displays. They are the perfect advertisement to use in areas of high traffic, regardless of the type of light they are displayed under. Duratrans have been proven to be more effective than standard banner marketing for many businesses.

Duratrans printing isn’t easy, and few printing professionals do it well. At Apple Visual Graphics, our experts carefully design each backlit image so that it looks flawless when on display. We can even guide you to make important decisions on color and sizing, so that you get the most out of each image. Few printers have the amount of experience we have, with such a unique form of printing, so it’s especially convenient if you’ve never worked with such a medium before.

The printing professionals at Apple Visual Graphics have perfected the advanced techniques needed to create flawless lighbox prints. These work perfectly in place of traditional banner advertisements, or mallscapes and airport directories. As a testament to our quality, customers who have previously used our backlit printing services have returned, time and time again, for repeat orders. Speak with one of our Duratrans printing experts, today, to see how we can create a backlit display for your company.