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Photo Quality Posters

Digital C Prints


Apple Visual Graphics can make Photo Quality Posters, Digital C Prints with fast turnaround.

Digital C Prints allow you to convert photograph quality prints into a larger size. You are able to retain the photograph quality without having to spend the money it would cost to create such a large print on film. Apple Visual Graphics can transfer almost any image onto this poster size page to allow you to use your already existing beautiful photographs for your marketing materials.

Giant lasers or LED lights are used to expose the digital image onto light-sensitive photographic paper which is then sent through several chemical baths, allowing the final image to appear. The advantage of Digital C prints is that you can achieve the polished, beautiful finish of a chemically-processed photograph without being forced to use actual film while creating the image. The efficiency of digital photography makes it much easier for a company of any size to create a professional-looking image. Even advertisements, web pages or any other digital file can be transferred using this process, which is ideal for producing archive-worthy copies of products, displays or just favorite family memories.

Fortunately for advertisers, all you have to do is submit any digital file and the printing experts at Apple Visual Graphic take care of the rest. Upload a file to our website and our team can have your image printed for an upcoming event. While Digital C Prints are beautiful on their own, they look even better when they are mounted and framed, ready to hang on a wall or display. We also have the expertise to print Digital C images direct to substrate or onto canvas pieces which are then stretched onto frames. Custom sizes and effects can be achieved to create a truly one-of-a-kind piece of artwork with your digital image.