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Arena Advertising

Dasher Boards

 Apple Visual Graphics prints Dasher Boards and other Arena Advertising for many sports teams in the area

Grab a captive audience’s attention while at a sporting event with our Dasher Boards. This marketing method is a low cost and effective way to put your brand in front of spectators through an entire sporting event. Our Dasher Boards are completely customizable, allowing you to make it as simple or complex as you desire to help you increase the value of your marketing dollar.

Apple Visual Graphics specializes in producing dasher board advertisements for any sports venue. Ads can also be created to fit ice resurfacing machines at hockey games to accompany side board imagery. Due to their nature, dasher boards can be as simple as a company logo or as involved as headlines, images and secondary text. If you are ready to capitalize on the loyalty and passion of sports enthusiasts, contact Apple Visual Graphics today to get your free dasher boards quote.