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Building Wraps

Building Wraps

Apple visual Graphics can print and install your building wrap needs.

Building wraps are the ultimate way to get your business or event noticed by more people. Choose from gigantic wraps that encompass the entire building, or smaller options that only cover the storefront. We use professional digital graphics to create wraps that will have the greatest impact when advertising on a grand scale.

There is simply no better way to increase brand awareness than to have your company featured prominently on a building that local merchants and potential clients pass by each day. Your brand will quickly become a memorable and recognizable part of the community, gaining more credibility over time. Producing a building wrap is the best way to capitalize on advertising potential without having to pay additional fees for renting billboards or other temporary space. Maximize your campaign by pairing a buildng wrap with an accompanying vehicle wrap for branding on the go.

The advanced technology used by Apple Visual Graphics and our team of printing experts allows us to create building wraps of nearly any size and shape with unmatched quality. These full-color prints can be created using your company logo and design, or our experienced printers can help you produce a wrap with maximum potential for impact. The materials used to create building wraps can be perforated, allowing people within the building to still see outside while passersby on the street will see one streamlined, uninterrupted image. Not only will the Apple Visual Graphics team work to print a beautiful and functional building wrap, but we will also send our installation experts to ensure that the job is seen through. Call Apple Visual Graphics today to start planning your building wrap project.