What Can I Make At A Print Company?

custom printed itemsWhen you don’t take advantage of your local printing companies, you miss out on some great projects. Your local print company can help you take your ideas and make them real with a wide array of printing services to meet your needs. Some locations will even offer you rush printing, to help you get your project back as soon as the next day. If you’re looking for great ideas for ways you can try on your print company for size, here are just a few of the things you could make there.

Posters – Large format printing makes it possible for you to make big, lifelike posters with your very own custom images. You can use these posters for class projects, home decor, or that big presentation coming up at the office. Not to mention these posters make great home decor, especially when printed on unconventional materials like canvas, metal, or glass. You can create unique works of art without ever having to lift a finger.

Cards – If you’re tired of wasting time in the grocery store looking for the perfect greeting card for that important upcoming event, don’t worry. You can have your own greeting cards custom printed, with whatever personalized message you’d like. You can also have custom business cards printed, if you have a business. Over 27,397,260 business cards are printed every day, and outdoor signs cost 80% less than advertising on television. If you really want to grow your business, look into custom printed items, since 84% of Americans will retain a business’s name after receiving a promotional gift.

Books – When you have a celebration coming up, one of the best gifts you can give is a bound photo book. Whether it’s a wedding, a birthday, a baby shower, or some other important event, everyone loves to see their memories immortalized in print. Think about looking into options like hardcover binding, personal engravings, and hard-page books that will last longer and look beautiful. Your friends will love the custom printed items, and you’ll love the kudos you receive.

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