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Offset Printing Products Now that You’re Done Remodeling

Now that your renovation is complete and your building is remodeled, you need to publicize the improvements and let customers know that you are open during your normal hours once again. Here are some great wide format printing products from Apple Visual Graphics that will allow you to do this:

  • Posters: Custom posters will improve the aesthetic inside and outside your building, and can help incorporate your new image and business tone into the written message you are conveying. Digital printing services can create posters in any size or shape, and will help you broadcast the image and message you want effortlessly.
  • Banners: Just as banners were a good way to let customers know that you were undergoing temporary renovations, they are also a great way to officially announce that you are back to business as usual.
  • Calendars: These are always a great giveaway item, but they are especially good if you’ve just redone your building, as you can choose images of your new office or store. Make sure the images are creative and aesthetically pleasing, so that customers want to look at them every day.
  • Cut Vinyl Lettering: This lettering can go on your windows, and is easy to remove and reuse over and over again. It is also perfect for announcing your new digs, and looks fun, polished, and creative while doing so. Make sure you order a color that pops but is consistent with your brand image, and choose a size that is large enough to be read from far away. Once you are finished, save the letters, as they can be rearranged later.
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The Importance of Presentation: Part II

Wide format printing offers many materials and additional options for printed materials, all of which improve your company’s presentation and professionalism. We discussed a few options in our previous blog, including custom banners, brochures, and bindery services. Here are a few more options that you should invest in to make your business appear more trustworthy and authoritative:

  • Lamination and Mounting: Offset printing offers lamination and mounting services that can transform simple paper materials into lasting, professional products that you should be proud to offer. These services are particularly effective at making your custom posters more valuable and effective. Lamination is available in gloss and satin matte, and mounting materials are available in a range of thicknesses.
  • Cut Vinyl Lettering: It you want to display a message or words on your store windows, invest in cut vinyl letters instead of a glass marker. Markers look amateur and sloppy unless done perfectly, while vinyl letters look neat and professional. The vinyl letters from Apple Visual Graphics are entirely customizable, from the font to the color and size, and are easy to adhere and change.
  • Letterhead and Stationery: Having professional letterhead and stationery is one of the most important tools for making your company look more professional and appear trustworthy. All official company communications, whether with competitors, suppliers, or customers, should be done on this letterhead, not on simple, signed paper. This is one of the first tools you should invest in when you are launching your marketing or branding campaign.
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What’s the need for Wide Format Printing?

By: Jason Przybysz, Apple Visual Graphics Staff

The demand for wide-format printing continues to dramatically increase in the competitive marketplace that is today’s economy.  This technology is revolutionizing the printing industry because it has allowed printing of jobs with dimensions previously too large to print, to become a reality.

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