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This week in printing news

You’ll need more than your standard HP laser printer to make counterfeit money – PC World

Kodak makes a comeback with a $5 million inkjet printer – Democrat and Chronicle

A solar-powered SLS printer turns sand into 3D objects – PC World

Will 3D printers be the hot holiday gift in 2021? – Singularity Hub

A new study proves once and for all that sex sells, even if you’re a monkey – New Scientist

The high-tech printer that’s making textiles cool again – Wide Format Online

Android users can now edit and print photos wirelessly – CNET

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Audacious and Creative Floor Advertising

Floor advertising is commonly referred to as floor stickers or floor graphics.  This arena is a frequently overlooked advertising gold mine.  When most people are asked about floor graphics, the first thing that comes to mind is the art on basketball courts or other indoor arenas.  However, floor advertising is not just for sports.  These advertisements can be produced in nearly any custom shape, making them versatile for any environment. read more

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Top Secrets to a Great Vehicle Wrap

When designing a vehicle wrap the top secrets are quite simple. Whenever possible use a vehicle with a unique shape or design, a few stand outs are: fuel trucks or any trailer that carries liquids, the oval shape is great for branding and a real eye catcher. Cement trucks are also great and create a unique messaging opportunity. read more

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7 Design Blogs to Bust Through Any Creative Block

It is universally accepted that good design makes good companies look great in their print materials and online profiles. An otherwise experienced and professional company can get passed over for a less-qualified competitor if the competitor’s website is cleaner, shinier, easier to use and more fun to look at. Well-designed business cards or sales sheets will never replace industry expertise, but creating an aesthetically-pleasing brand image can often be the first step to getting a foot in the door with new clients. read more

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The Anatomy of an Advertisement

It’s been estimated by scientists and researchers that the average American is exposed to anywhere from 600 to 5,000 advertisements each day. While people in rural areas avoid being bombarded with constant banners and subway posters, city-dwellers skew towards the higher range of ad exposure. With the innovation of smart phones, mp3 players and a whole host of other techno-gadgets, it is easier and easier for advertisers to reach their target audiences with stunning accuracy. read more

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