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Paper 101: How To Get What You Want From Your Printer


Paper is a complex and multi-faceted medium to work with. It’s no wonder that so many people are unfamiliar with the most basic types of paper. When placing an order with your printer, start at the end: What is your project going to be used for? read more

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3 Secrets to Making a Great Postcard


Direct Mail is a form of marketing almost everyone can identify. We all get postcards, fliers and brochures advertising anything from pest control to tooth whitening. Many marketing gurus know the basics of Direct Mail success in terms of strategy, and many designers know how to make the art pop, but how many of these experts know the key to printing beautiful pieces? read more

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7 Design Blogs to Bust Through Any Creative Block

It is universally accepted that good design makes good companies look great in their print materials and online profiles. An otherwise experienced and professional company can get passed over for a less-qualified competitor if the competitor’s website is cleaner, shinier, easier to use and more fun to look at. Well-designed business cards or sales sheets will never replace industry expertise, but creating an aesthetically-pleasing brand image can often be the first step to getting a foot in the door with new clients. read more

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The Anatomy of an Advertisement

It’s been estimated by scientists and researchers that the average American is exposed to anywhere from 600 to 5,000 advertisements each day. While people in rural areas avoid being bombarded with constant banners and subway posters, city-dwellers skew towards the higher range of ad exposure. With the innovation of smart phones, mp3 players and a whole host of other techno-gadgets, it is easier and easier for advertisers to reach their target audiences with stunning accuracy. read more

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