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Now Is the Time to Design Commuter and Rail Cards

With the summer tourism months quickly approaching, now is the ideal time to design and order custom posters for commuter and railway stations from offset printing and other digital printing services. With the highest number of people travelling in the upcoming months out of any time in the year, your print ads will be seen by many more people than if you design these advertisements once the summer has passed.

Take the New York subway, for instance. More than five million riders use it each day to commute to school or work, and this number climes drastically during the subway. Since Apple Visual Graphics materials meet PATH and MTA specifications, you can obtain ad space on the subway at a lower cost than if you went with another company.

These ads are the perfect economic, scalable marketing material, as they are surrounded by potential customers around the clock. Make sure you design them to take advantage of the summer carefree, fun feeling, and ensure that they appeal to tourists and locals, depending on your target audience and business.

If you already have an online or print campaign, our printing experts at Apple Visual Graphics can help by taking existing imagery and converting it to the correct dimensions for a commuter card. If you are designing an all-new campaign, our experts can help brainstorm or design an eye-catching poster that is sure to expand your market reach. Call Apple Visual Graphics at 718-361-2200 for more information.

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More Menu Printing Tips

In our previous blog, we provided several tips for menu printing, including how to optimize your offset printing and wide format printing takeout menus. These included using a variety of high quality images, organizing your menu items in a logical, easy-to-follow manner, keeping it simple, and including coupons on the bottom of take out menus.

Here are a few more tips for creating the best menus possible:

  • Informative: Make sure you include all relevant contact information and other necessary information in a clear spot on your menu. This includes phone numbers, addresses, hours, types of payment that you accept, and more. If people can’t contact or find your restaurant, they aren’t going to patronize it.
  • Fridge It: Get people to put your menu on their fridge by including a local sporting calendar or calendar of events. People are more likely to keep your menu if it tells them what you offer and also gives pertinent information.
  • Claim to Fame: Make sure you include a claim to fame or a well-crafted origin story on your menu. These elements help make your menu more personable, and make your establishment seem friendlier to customers. Your claim doesn’t even have to be the most significant or impressive; it’s more important that you have a semi-decent one included.
  • Hire Help: Don’t try to design your menu if you don’t have any experience with graphic design. You will have a much more successful menu if you pay a little bit for professional help.
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Printed Materials for Your Revamped Branding Campaign

Whether you are branding your company for the first time, you are rebranding your business, or you are looking to strengthen your brand, printed materials will serve a large purpose in your campaign. Once you have your company message crafted, you have chosen your fonts, logo, colors, target audience, and emotions, you need to apply all of these in printed materials in a manner that is cohesive and which will ultimately be successful.

Here are some of the best branding materials to invest in for your new campaign.

  • Direct Mail: Direct mail campaigns are the perfect way to get your message right into your target audience’s hands. These can include postcards, fliers, booklet printing products, brochure maker products, and more. These materials can do everything from inform about your business, disseminate coupons and sale information, and more.
  • Custom Banners: Banners are a great way to get your image out to thousands of customers, and a great way to promote your events and business. When you are developing a brand, you need to spend money to make money, meaning you have to order slightly more expensive material like banners. Whether you are promoting a new business, a rock show, a festival, or a sales event, a banner is a great way to do so. Make sure you order a state-of-the banner that is high quality and which will last without fading or deteriorating.
  • Press Releases: You need to order company letterhead and stationery to print press releases and other official correspondence to gain status as a professional, credible business. This is especially important for press releases, since these help give you unbiased, third-party validation.
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Poster Printing Tips and Guidelines

Spring is the perfect time to pull out your old custom poster designs and spruce them up, whether you are going to distribute the final products as promotional items, or put them up as part of your marketing campaign.

There are many steps beyond simply designing an attractive poster that you need to follow for success, however. Here are a few tips for design that will make things go more smoothly when you get to the poster printing step:

  • Color Profile: Make sure your color space is RGB, specifically Adobe RGB, for the best results. This means all of your elements need to be in this color space, not just certain elements. This includes images, fonts, and objects in all layers.
  • Objects and Fonts: Change both objects and fonts in all layers into outlines for the best results. This will guard against font substitution and eliminate scaling issues during printing. You also need to ensure that all layers and objects are unlocked so that changes you make affect all of them.
  • Printing: Before submitting files for printing with your offset printing company, change it to a .PDF, .AI or .EPS file.
  • Bleeds and Marks: If you don’t have any bleeds on your document, and the background is all simply white, check the “Trim Marks” box before saving and submitting. If there is a colored background with no bleed, you do not need to trim marks.
  • Conversion: Make sure you change settings to No Conversion before saving your file as a .PDF. If you don’t, the Adobe RGB color profile will be changed.
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Minimum Print Materials Start Up Businesses Need

If you are starting a new business, you have a ton of things on your plate. From obtaining business licenses, to hiring employees, to ordering products, something is bound to slip through the cracks.

Here is a short guide to the print items you absolutely need to design and order within the first few months of being in business.

  • Letterhead: Your communications with customers, partners and competitors needs to be professional, or you will not be taken seriously as a new business. For this reason, we recommend you prioritize designing your company stationery and letterhead before you begin corresponding as a company. Digital printing services offer these products at reasonable prices as well, so you won’t have to break the bank to look professional right out of the gate.
  • Business Cards: Business cards are vital for branding your company and help you network with competitors and potential customers. Make sure you include all relevant information, such as your company name, email, number, address and any other relevant contact information. You should also include a logo and colors that are consistent with your company’s brand.
  • Brochure or Booklet: Being a new company, it is important that you educate customers and competitors as to what services and products you offer. The best way to do this is to invest in a branded booklet design and find a wide format printing company or booklet printer who will complete your order for a reasonable price. Keep the frills to a minimum. You can expand into special finishes and shapes once your business is more established.
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