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More Printed Materials for Your Revamped Branding Campaign

In many ways, branding campaigns are more important than marketing campaigns. They don’t just drum up business, as do marketing campaigns, but they also help establish your business as a credible establishment and generate a permanent customer following.

We provided several important printed materials to use in your branding campaigns in our previous blog, including custom posters, booklet maker products, and custom posters. Here are several more printed materials that you should consider when designing your campaign:

  • Calendars: Giveaway items are particularly important during these types of campaigns, and a calendar is the perfect item, as it will be used all year long. Make sure the photos you choose are visually appealing, and consider ordering tented, free-standing calendars in addition to or instead of hanging calendars.
  • Stickers: Stickers are another fun branding give-away, and they allow you to get more creative than some other materials do. This is also a great item since it can be used in many different ways, including on car bumpers, notebooks, bathroom stalls, walls, floors, filing cabinets, and more. You may also want to consider vinyl window clings as an alternative to stickers.
  • Corporate Identity Package: This is a term that includes all of the essentials: business cards, envelopes, letterhead, brochures, and presentation folders. This package ensures that every piece of correspondence you issue has your company’s image and message built in to regularly reinforce your branding goals. This is one of the first things you should invest in, as it is the most important for establishing your business as an official, reputable one.
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Sustainable Printing

One of the biggest concerns in recent years for forest-dependent companies such as offset printing, large format digital printing and other digital printing services is establishing green business practices. Not only do businesses like ours rely on paper and similar resources to operate, but we also create a lot of waste when we cut out orders, trim edges and print test prints.

To help reduce our carbon footprint and create a green service that you can feel proud to use, we are implementing more and more green business practices each day. These include working to reduce our waste up front, using recycled paper products when possible, and properly recycling the waste we generate that cannot be reused or repurposed. Our inks are soy based, making them more sustainable and green, as well, and we are authorized to reprint projects on recycled work when customers want to make a similar commitment to the environment.

We have been recognized for our efforts and have been certified by the Forest Stewardship Council through the Rainforest Alliance Smartwood program, and make it a point honor our commitment to you and the environment by utilizing green business practices and increasing our efforts to reduce our carbon footprint on a daily basis. Contact us today if you want to partner with us in this initiative and find out how you can make your order even greener before you place it. Whether you are printing postcards, banners or bus shelter ads, we can help you find a way to grow your business while helping the environment as well.

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Postcard Printing

We can handle the printing quality of your product, but in order to create a postcard that you will be able to mail, you need to make sure that the back design of your postcard is compliant with the United States Postal Service guidelines before ordering postcard printing services. These guidelines are all relatively similar, but differ depending on the size of the postcard you are designing.

Guidelines are available for postcards measuring 4.25 by 5.5, 4 by 6, 5.5 by 8.5, 5 by 7, 6 by 9 and 6 by 11 inches, and include elements like return address area, space for postage, the bleed size on the outside edge and the trim size, a safe zone size, an ink free area where the address goes and a barcode area.

If you design a postcard that is perfect in every way but which doesn’t meet one of these major requirements, most offset printing services, Apple Visual Graphics included, will do their best to catch the error and notify you before completing the printing job, but it is best if you can catch it before sending your design to digital printing services.

As far as the front, which is the more important part of your postcard, there are no USPS guidelines. We do have a few recommendations to make sure you get as much out of your design as possible.

  • Minimize copy. People rarely pick postcards for the copy unless it is five words or fewer.
  • Make sure you have strong images or a strong design. Your postcard needs to be attractive and memorable.
  • Make sure you identify your company clearly.
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Vehicle Wraps Effective for Branding and Advertising

Vehicle Wraps Effective for Branding and Advertising

While many companies are just discovering vehicle wraps as a method of branding or advertising, statistics indicate that they are one of the most, if not the most, effective forms of advertising that are available today. A single vehicle wrapped car will get between 30,000 and 70,000 views each day that it is out in society, which is more than custom posters, vinyl signs, Duratrans ads, and most other forms of print advertisements.

In addition, these wraps have the lowest per-impression cost of advertisements, making them a good choice, whether you are a Fortune 500 company with a deep budget, or a start-up business with a limited marketing and branding fund.

These ads are particularly successful because they reach your customers, instead of requiring your customers to reach them. For example, TV ads require potential customers to view the commercial, instead of turning off the television or changing the channel; and bus shelters require customers to take the bus, or drive by slow enough to read the ad. Since vehicle wraps are moving or parked in a different spot each day, they are able to come to a wider range of potential customers. Since they are less common, these potential customers are also more likely to read and remember the advertisement. As they are relatively inexpensive to print, they are particularly affordable for the return you receive.

We recommend including a design that is representative of your company’s feel and the appearance you want to create, and also including your website and phone number. Like with other forms of advertisements, your end goal is to prompt potential customers to act further by viewing your website or calling for more information.

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Building or Boosting Your Brand Part 2

In our last blog, we provided several tips for building or revamping your company’s brand identity. These included identifying your target audience early, and deciding on an overarching message and theme for your marketing campaign before you begin designing the individual print and web ads. Here are a few more tips to help ensure that your brand is strong, current and identifiable:

  1. While you should make sure that your ad placement — whether you are placing custom posters, Duratrans ads, floor graphics or custom banners — is consistent, as far as reaching your target audience is concerned, you should also aim for diversity. If you only have banners and brochures, you are unlikely to reach or be remembered by a large group of people.
  2. In order to be sure that the public remembers your brand, you need to inspire an emotion in them. An emotional connection equals remembrance, and has great potential for developing into an emotional attachment to your company. If you are selling designer handbags, make sure they look high-fashion enough that customers associate them with fame and glamour, so they will want to own one; or, if you are selling fitness products, your ads should feature images and messages that help inspire your customers to better themselves.
  3. Design or purchase a solid logo and brand image, and work to reinforce that image within your company. This means ensuring that each employee in your company understands what your brand means, and designs new products and services to fit within that image.
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