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Five Things to Consider When Designing the Menu for Your Restaurant

The menu is the first thing that customers look at when they visit your restaurant. An attractive menu can really make a good impression of your restaurant on your customers’ mind.

Here are five things you should consider when designing a menu to make it attractive as well as functional.

  • Match menu with your restaurant’s theme

Your menu represents your restaurant. Therefore, make sure you choose colors, fonts, logos and images based on the theme of your restaurant, and most importantly based on the kind of food you serve at your restaurant.

  •  Arrange items strategically

When designing the menu, arrange the items based on categories. For instance,                     you may first begin with appetizers followed by main entrees and end with                             desserts and beverages.

  • Use quality graphics

If you are planning to include pictures of your dishes in the menu, make sure the                 photographs are of good quality, because they make the food look more                                   appetizing. Sometimes, it is better to leave the menu without any pictures,                             because when the real food arrives and if it does not resemble the picture, it                           might leave the customers upset.

  • Don’t go overboard

Do not clutter the menu with lots of pictures and descriptions. The menu should                     have more of blank space and customers should be able to read clearly all the                         items you are offering.

  •  Include inserts for special offers

Finally, when designing a menu, remember to include inserts for special offers                       and promotions. This is likely to attract the customers.


Having an attractive menu makes your restaurant more memorable by your customers. Take help of a professional digital printing company to ensure the menu looks captivating and compelling.

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Offset Printing Products for Your Remodel

Digital printing services aren’t only for trade shows and ad campaigns – they can also help you in times of transition. Apple Visual Graphics has the perfect products for your next remodel, and can take your construction mess and make it look presentable to the public.

Here are some of the best products for your next renovation project:

  • Barricade and Scaffolding Wraps: Scaffolding is unsightly, and can even make your building look dangerous. Scaffolding wraps help you cover those structures with advertising, humorous images, or even art, and allow you to add to the scenery instead of becoming an eyesore. These double as a great form of advertising for your company, since they grab attention from far and wide and help customers associate creativity with your brand.
  • Building Wrap: You can either install a building wrap at the end of your project to show off your new remodel, like installing a giant bow around your building, or use it to cover up construction that is going on inside the building. Either way, this is an attention-grabbing, creative way to generate publicity and to remind customers that you are still present and active. Apple Visual Graphics has the offset printing equipment and experience to create your wrap in any size and shape, and can deliver the full-color print quickly.
  • Banners: One of the most important elements of any renovation is letting customers know that you haven’t gone anywhere; you are just remodeling. Custom banners are an excellent way to do this and can be installed at the construction site so customers walking by are instantly aware of the changes.
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Spring Branding Tips

Spring is a time for deep spring-cleaning, not just within your files and financials, but also within your branding campaign. Here are a few tips to cleanse and spruce your branding campaign and materials this season.

  1. Clear Out Clutter: Assess the branding materials you have on hand. If they are old, outdated or redundant, throw them out or recycle them. It is better to invest in current branding materials than give out passé ones, as customers may think your company is cheap or lazy if you don’t update your campaign regularly.
  2. Determine if It Is Fresh and Relevant: Look at your materials, website and printed materials to make sure they have been improved and updated at some point in the last six months. If you are still handing out the same tired brochures that you have had for the past three years, it is time to make a change and breathe new life into your campaign.
  3. Simplify: Make sure your message is as simple as possible. What are you saying and what are you trying to achieve? Simple questions, calls to actions or statements work best, and prompt customers to visit your website or store to find out more.
  4. Renew: Design and order new spring or summer themed giveaway items. Flags are great, since the weather is warming, as are postcards, since more people are going on vacation now that the warmer months are upon us. Both can be ordered from offset printing services. Custom posters and small custom banners are also great since they can serve as souvenirs. Whatever you do, make sure your design is fresh and vital.
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Types of Offset Printing

Offset printing is one of the most common types of printing used today, with over 40 percent of all printing jobs being produced with this process. Within this category are several different types of printing, including sheet-fed presses and web-fed presses. Before we discuss those, though, let’s go over the basic manner in which offset printing works.

  • Offset printing works by using three cylinders to create an image on a substrate. The first cylinder is mounted with printing plates, inked, and then used to transfer that image to the second cylinder, which reverses and transfers to the third cylinder. By reversing the image so that it is a mirror image, the second cylinder creates an image that will be oriented correctly on the final material. The substrate is mounted on the third cylinder, and, thus, a final product is created.

As with other times of wide format printing or digital printing services, there are multiple methods of offset printing.

  1. Web-fed offset printing works by feeding a single continuous sheet of paper into the rolls of the offset printing press. The sheet is cut into individual sheets once the printing has been completed.
  2. Sheet-fed offset printing works where single sheets of paper are fed into the printing press, creating individual, complete products that don’t need to be cut unless di-cutting or other customization is taking place.

This method of printing is precise, affordable and reliable. There are many applications, but advertising brochures, newspapers, books, posters and more are routinely created on offset printing presses. Call Apple Visual Graphics if you have more questions about this process.

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More Offset Printing Terms to Know

We provided several essential offset printing terms in our last blog. Knowing these terms and more will help you make better-informed decisions when you are placing orders with digital printing services. Here are a few more terms that you should know as you design your ads and place orders with Apple Visual Graphics:

  • Density: This has two meanings in the wide format printing industry. The first refers to the lay of paper fibers. They are laid either looser or tighter to create more or less bulk and absorbency. This also affects the paper’s finish. The other definition refers to the tone, weight, darkness and color within an image.
  • Die Cutting: Sharp steel-ruled stamps or rollers are used to cut various shapes out of paper, either post press or in line. For instance, labels, image shapes and boxes are all made this way. This is a great way to create unique advertisements that really stand out from those your competitors are creating.
  • Electronic Proof: This process generates a prepress proof where paper is electronically exposed to color separation negatives and passed through electronically charged pigmented toners to create a finished proof.
  • Integral Proof: This proof is made by exposing each of the four-color separations to primary color emulsion layers. These emulsion sheets stack with the white paper in the background. This category of proof includes matchprint, spactraproof, ektaflex and cromalin.
  • Kiss impression: This impression is made very lightly — just enough to create a mark that can be seen.
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