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Why Use Duratrans?

Duratrans are lighted displays originally created by Kodak that offer companies a unique, vibrant alternative for advertising their brand, products or services. Many companies choose to use Duratrans, in addition to custom banners and poster printing services, to have a complete, well-rounded advertising campaign. Here are several reasons why you should consider using Duratrans in your next advertising or branding campaign:

  • The Duratrans light box displays were created to showcase large-format, full-color photographic pieces. The light passes through the image, making the entire sheet glow. The colors look more vibrant, the entire image stands out to passers-by, and the advertisement can be changed out so you can keep your marketing current.
  • The Duratrans boxes are able to offer such high quality images because they print with a resolution as high as 4000 dpi, and the pixel size is very small. The Duratrans sheets are printed using a process similar to stochastic screening, resulting in crisp edges in your image, smoother color transitions, and better details.
  • Duratrans has a higher life expectancy than other similar technologies, allowing you to use the same image, either for a long time, or many times over, again.
  • The technologies used to print Duratrans images use higher saturation in the colors and greater opacity in the color black, resulting in crisp, sharp images that have depth and shadow to them in addition to light. Whether you want to light your entire image or just a small, relevant section, Duratrans is the perfect choice for you.
  • Duratrans can be put to many uses, including public marketing and advertising, fine art, educational displays, maps and other such location services, trade shot displays or demonstrations and more. You also have the freedom to change how you use your display once you purchase it.
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Duratrans Facts

Duratrans or Translite Printing

What Am I Using Duratrans for?

Most people see Duratrans every day and just don’t notice it. Duratrans is used in news sets, as theater design sets, retail displays and bus and subway advertisements or menu boards.  For those of you who have visited New York City the advertisements that are lit up on top of the subway entrances (urban panels) are a translite application. read more

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