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Get More for Less

If you are looking to get more out of your brand, increase customer awareness and grow your business, there are many inexpensive marketing techniques you can use to your advantage. Custom posters and custom banners always work well, as do printing freebies with postcard printing services, but we encourage you to expand to other more abstract methods to attract a larger customer base.

  • Increase your community’s awareness of your company by giving back to a local charity or organization. Make sure you volunteer there, instead of just donating money, so you have a chance to interact with community members, and they can see you actually giving back.
  • Online marketing groups are a great way to discuss marketing techniques, and trials and errors that other companies in your industry have tried. This can help you grow your knowledge and experience, without you having to try, and err, again and again, yourself.
  • Make sure you keep your current customers happy by rewarding them with discounts or give-away items every once in a while. While you definitely want to try to bring in more customers, it is equally important to keep the ones you already have, and make sure they remain as loyal as they have been in the past.
  • Give your website a face lift and make sure you make it as current and user-friendly as you can, when you do. You want people who visit to be compelled to stay and look around, instead of searching for a more interesting, updated site to peruse.
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Successful Marketing Campaigns

The best marketing campaigns tend to have an element that is shocking, pushes the status quo, challenges some construct of society in a subtle way,and  is innovative or different in some way. Here are some of the most successful ad campaigns from the past, with a rundown of the reasons why they worked:

  • The Pepsi Refresh Project in 2010 was particularly successful because it changed its advertising face after sticking to a certain image for more than 20 years, and involved a social service project that encouraged people to give back. Ultimately, this wasn’t the most successful for Pepsi since the “Do Good” project had nothing to do with the brand, but it is one that was unique and is widely remembered.
  • The 2009 Burger King free Whopper campaign was a particularly successful campaign. The campaign involved a Facebook app that enabled you to get a free whopper for unfriending ten of your friends. The app notified each person that was unfriended, and it was closed on the basis that it violated user privacy, but more than 20,000 whoppers were given away. Ultimately, the campaign was successful because, in addition to utilizing custom posters and custom banners and other offset printing products, it also used a very simple call to action.
  • The initial HBO True Blood marketing campaign was wildly successful because it targeted an audience that was incredibly passionate about the subject matter covered in the show, in a way that utilized excellent storytelling. Instead of creating ads that told people when and where to watch the show, the marketing campaign wove the plot into people’s everyday lives by creating PSA posters supporting vampire rights, creating a drink that supposedly allowed vampires to live among humans, and inviting passionate bloggers to a “vampires-only” website.
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Apple Visual Graphics Newsletter #1 July 2011

Apple Visual Graphics July Newsletter #1

Apple Visual Graphics Newsletter #1 July 2011

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What’s the need for Wide Format Printing?

By: Jason Przybysz, Apple Visual Graphics Staff

The demand for wide-format printing continues to dramatically increase in the competitive marketplace that is today’s economy.  This technology is revolutionizing the printing industry because it has allowed printing of jobs with dimensions previously too large to print, to become a reality.

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