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This week in printing news

You’ll need more than your standard HP laser printer to make counterfeit money – PC World

Kodak makes a comeback with a $5 million inkjet printer – Democrat and Chronicle

A solar-powered SLS printer turns sand into 3D objects – PC World

Will 3D printers be the hot holiday gift in 2021? – Singularity Hub

A new study proves once and for all that sex sells, even if you’re a monkey – New Scientist

The high-tech printer that’s making textiles cool again – Wide Format Online

Android users can now edit and print photos wirelessly – CNET

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It’s a Jungle Out There

Every year marketing and advertising campaigns in the United States embark on monstrous spending sprees culminating in costs upward of $250 billion. And often the companies who commissioned them may have been better off opening the window and dropping the cash on the street below. read more

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