3 Rules to Follow to Help You Stand Out In Printed Advertisments

digital printing companyIn this day in age, advertisements are all around us. While ads are great for visibility and promotion, standing out among the sea of large corporations can be a struggle if you are a small business owner. Utilizing an experienced digital printing company is the best way to help your business get noticed. Here are some tips and tricks that — along with the help of a digital printing company — can make you stand out in your printed advertisements.

1. Have a Clear Message
Who are you aiming your ads towards? What information do you want the reader to walk away with? You should consider these questions when creating your message, which is something that should stay constant through all different media types. If you have any questions or need some inspiration, a digital printing company is there to help.

2. Use a Modern Logo and Appropriate Color Scheme
Using a visually appealing logo is important so that your customers remember who you are! Working with an experienced digital printing company is a great way to ensure that you are reaching the right demographic through printing on appropriate media. Streamlining your color scheme with an updated logo is a great way to stand out as a modern brand and to create awareness of your product.

3. Be Creative
Reaching prospective clients is the goal, so creating something unique will be memorable. Promotional gifts with your company’s logo will pack a punch, 84% of Americans say they retain a company’s name when they receive a promotional gift. A digital printing company can put your logo on anything you can think of — stress balls, water bottles, apparel, tech gadgets, and pens are all popular choices. Even promotional calendars are a good idea since consumers are said to keep their calendars for all 12 months. What better way is there than to remind them of your name then every time they glance at the date?

Go outside and put up signs in the neighborhoods around your business. This is a win-win for everyone involved as outdoor advertising is much more noticeable and costs 80% less than ads on television. A digital printing company can advise you on the different types of large format printing including banner printing, barricade wraps, or billboards.

Have a company car? Discuss with a digital printing company your options for a vehicle wrap. You will sure to get noticed and remembered, 48% of those polled viewed car wraps as the most unique advertising medium available!

A digital printing company serves as a wealth of knowledge and expertise for all your printing needs. Contact one today to get started on expanding your business!

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Technology Changes Everything but Print Advertising Still Survives

banner printing companyAdvertising is one of the most important aspects of a business if you want your company to be successful. Even in this digital world we live in now, print advertising is still a valuable commodity. About 76% of all small businesses stated that their “ideal marketing strategy” incorporates a combination of digital and print advertising.

Outdoor advertisements can be very effective and are certainly more affordable than some of the other advertising outlets. Radio advertisements cost nearly double outdoor ads; newspaper ads cost more than 60%; and television ads cost 80% more than outdoor advertising.

Finding a banner printing company that is both professional and efficient is very important for your overall advertising needs. Just working with the first banner printing company that you see could have a negative result for your business. You want to make sure you do the necessary research to find the perfect banner printing company that fits your business and your advertising campaign.

What to Look for in a Banner Printing Company:

  • Rush Printing — Being able to address your company’s advertising needs in a timely manner is extremely important. There could be an impromptu advertising opportunity come up and if you don’t have a banner printing company that has rush printing available, you could miss out.
  • Large Format Printing — A banner printing company that can print very large banners can help large businesses successfully advertise. Professional building wraps, vehicle and bus wraps, and scaffolding wraps are great for large format advertising.
  • Small Format Printing — Although large ads can be seen by the masses, small forms of advertisements can be just as effective, if not more. Consumers keep things like promotional calendars for a full year, on average. These small printed items are a great way to stay in touch with customers.
  • Custom Printing Options — Finding a company that can accommodate all your printing needs is also very important. You want to make sure you are able to get all the printing you need, no matter the size or surface.
  • Digital Printing — A banner printing company that offers high-quality digital printing services can help improve any organization’s marketing campaign.
  • 24 Hour Service — Along with rush printing, a banner printing company that can aid you in your advertising needs 24 hours a day can take your marketing efficiency to the next level.

Technology has completely transformed advertising over the years, but print advertising is here to stay.

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Digital Printing Works: Large or Small

large format printing

Advertising has grown more advanced than what it once was. With all the digital options available to us, we have even more opportunities for custom advertising campaigns. Old formats like print are still alive today, but the digital revolution we are currently living in is changing the ways print advertising is done. Over 75% of small businesses picture their ideal marketing strategy using a solid combination of both print and digital advertising. Some areas are utilizing these technological innovations a bit more than others. Whether it’s large format printing NYC styles or small format NYC options, New York City is one of the leading cities in the digital print industry.

Large Format Printing
The ability to mass produce custom printing at such a large size has changed the print advertising game completely. Large format printing campaigns can be used for all kinds of advertising and used on all kinds of surfaces. Building and scaffolding barricade wraps, taxi and vehicle wraps, floor mats, giant banners, and ceiling danglers can all be used as large format printing options.

Some of these outdoor advertisements are doing exceptionally well in the advertising industry. Vehicle wraps have been shown to be one of the most effective large format printing marketing strategies, as nearly 50% of people polled said that car wraps are the most unique advertising medium.

Some of these large format printing NYC options can be a bit pricey, but outdoor advertisements have been shown to cost nearly 80% less than advertising on television, about 60% less than traditional newspaper advertisements, and 50% less than ads on the radio.

Small Format Printing NYC
If large format printing NYC advertisements seemed a little too extreme, small format NYC options are still available that do very well. Printing options as simple as printing business cards for your company are still an effective way to market your company. There are still over 25 million business cards being printed each day, so clearly there is a market for it.

No matter how many new technologies have been invented over the last few decades, some traditional advertisements are still thriving. Just two years ago, there was an estimated $44.5 billion spent on direct mail marketing in the United States. Direct mail still works, because it is the most intimate marketing option available to companies (aside from showing up at customer’s houses themselves).

NYC companies have so many options available to them for their advertising and commercial printing needs. Whether it’s large format printing advertisements across buildings or small format business cards showing up in the mail, there are advertising options out there for you.

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3 Ways Non-Internet Marketing Can Benefit Your Business

large format printing

If you are thinking about starting a business, then advertising is probably on your mind. With the turn towards social media, search engine optimization, and other online marketing techniques, you may think that the printed format is becoming obsolete. Sure, it’s not used as often as it used to be, but there is definitely still a place for it in today’s market. Approximately 76% of small business stated that their marketing strategies included both printed and digital communications to attract customers. If you limit yourself to online marketing, you could miss out on whole audiences of people. People still pay attention to large format printing, wide format printing, and other types of printing. Just because the Internet is around doesn’t mean that people now ignore the world around them. Here are a few things that are better printed:

  1. Direct Mail
    As mentioned above, if you only use the Internet to market your business, then there’ll be a whole generation of people who will never hear about your business or company. The current generation is the only one who admits to solely using the Internet, but older generations still pay attention to their direct mail.

    Invest in brochures and flyers. These will make audiences aware of the fact that your business even exists. Once they know that, they might search for you online. However, a person’s first introduction to a new business is often the result of a flyer or business card.

  2. Business Cards
    Around 27,397,260 business cards are printed every day in the United States. In other words, they are still very much in use. Many people keep business cards for future reference, and a lot of restaurants will have a ‘business card draw’ where business men throw their cards in a jar and one is picked at random for a prize. When talking to someone about your business, you should always have a business card handy. No one is going to throw away your card in front of you. Even if they plan to later, chances are they’ll put it in their back pocket first, and later on, when they are cleaning out their pockets, they’ll find it and remember you. Best case scenario, they’ll keep it and plan to visit your company in the near future.

    It looks extremely unprofessional to be talking about your business and then have to write down your phone number or website on a piece of paper for them. Having the information all ready to go shows that you are prepared, organized, and believe in your business.

  3. Banners
    Signs and banners and other outdoor advertising cost 80% less than TV ads, 60% less than an ad in the newspaper and 50% less than airing an ad on the radio. Large format printing is one of the most effective marketing strategies. Billboards, banners, and the like are all over town. Having a large format printing sign above your physical store will also attract attention as people drive by. Banner printing is helpful, because you can hang a banner in your shop window, drive a car decal banner around, or have several banners hung in different areas of the city.

These are just a few of the ways large format printing, digital printing, and custom printing can benefit your company. Don’t understand the power of printed advertisements. It’s a scientific fact that even if a person does not consciously acknowledge a certain something has been seen, it will be stored in their brain for later use. For example, if you have a huge sign on the side of the freeway about your car wash, the consumer may never realize he or she has seen it. However, the next time they need a car wash, they’ll realize that they had seen a sign somewhere for one and will begin to keep an eye out for it.

If you keep a healthy balance between printed material and online material, you’ll be able to reach both target audiences with practically no problem. Email marketing and social media have their place but, so do physical fliers.

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Creative Advertising: How To Get Your Business Name Out There

digital printing servicesWhat do your advertising campaigns say about you? If they’re old and outdated, they’re unlikely to inspire trust and traffic from existing clients, let alone attract more. By utilizing new design principles on old ad methods, you can make your name and logo stick. Consider these advertising ideas, and contact your local digital printing services facility to find out what you can do:

1. Business Cards
As cliche as it might sound, printed businesses cards are a classic move. In fact, in our digital age, the use of business cards is bound to make you stand out more because they’re used less. They’re especially effective if you give them out personally as the result of a one-on-one interaction, because the personal touch will help recipient remember your face and your business. If they do, they’ll dig out your card when they could use your business’s help. To take a creative, modern spin on an old stand-by, pair up with a graphic designer or local digital printing services provider to make some personalized business cards. A perforated card for a divorce lawyer, tiny foam rolls for a yoga mat distributors, or a tiny seed packer for a landscape designer are all innovative ways to stick out in a potential customer’s mind.

2. Vehicle Wrap
Chances are you’ve already seen them around: those colorful decals stuck to cars advertising a company or product. Believe it or not, this mode of advertisement is actually very effective. Of people polled, 48% believed that car wraps were the most unique advertising medium available. The more an advertisement gets noticed, the better for the business! Don’t be afraid to play with this new advertising platform and customize some car wraps to advertise your product.

3. Promotional Materials
It was found that consumers kept promotional calendars for all 12 months of the year on average. When you think about it, calendars are excellent ways to reach the customer. They need a wall calendar, and you get to advertise on their kitchen wall all year for free. About 84% of Americans retain a company’s name if they receive a promotional gift with the company’s logo. Consider exploring other ideas for promotional materials to distribute — beer cozys, ice cream bars, bookmarks, whoopie cushions, hot sauce– and customize them to advertise your specific product.

When it comes to marketing, cover all of your bases and think outside of the box. Design governs a lot of the choices that consumers make. Consider revamping old ideas to make them fresh and new. Digital printing services are available to make your new, innovative advertising materials a reality!

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