The Impact of Digital Printing Services on Your Business’s Success

In the age of email, social media and online marketing, it can be pretty easy to assume that direct mail marketing has gone the way of the dinosaurs. This, however, is simply untrue. In 2011, a multitude of savvy businesses spent $47.8 billion on digital printing services, because they knew that direct mail marketing led to direct profit.

How, you may wonder, is that possible in the Internet age? To help you understand, here are a few advantages of using digital printing services to market your business.

It Provides Instant, Targeted Exposure

According to the United States Postal Service, a whopping 98% of people bring their mail in the same day it’s delivered, and a staggering 77% will immediately sort through it. Unlike emails that can be deleted without even being opened, the recipient has to look at direct mailers, meaning the person is guaranteed to be exposed to the mailer’s brand. What’s more, any digital printing company will allow your business to personally address recipients, which improves the likelihood that they’ll respond.

There Are Proven Results

Marketing with digital printing services has some pretty impressive proven results. According to Marketing Profs, 6.5 out of every 10 people who receive a direct mailer will either engage with the business that sent it, or will even make a purchase. Direct mail marketing is actually 30 times more likely to get a response than email marketing is, which explains why business can expect a 2.5% growth in sales for every 2,000 postcards they send out.

Online Digital Printing Companies Have Made Marketing Easier Than Ever

Thanks to technological advancements, a digital printing company can offer incredibly cost-effective and time-efficient ways to make custom marketing materials with the use of digital printing services. Not only do these digital printing services have a quick turnaround time, but for the average amount of $167 spent on digital printing services, a business can expect to make $2,095 in sales.

And to think, you thought direct mail marketing was a dead tactic. If you have any questions about the incredible advantages of using our digital printing services to market your company, feel free to contact us.


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The Importance of Presentation: Part II

Wide format printing offers many materials and additional options for printed materials, all of which improve your company’s presentation and professionalism. We discussed a few options in our previous blog, including custom banners, brochures, and bindery services. Here are a few more options that you should invest in to make your business appear more trustworthy and authoritative:

  • Lamination and Mounting: Offset printing offers lamination and mounting services that can transform simple paper materials into lasting, professional products that you should be proud to offer. These services are particularly effective at making your custom posters more valuable and effective. Lamination is available in gloss and satin matte, and mounting materials are available in a range of thicknesses.
  • Cut Vinyl Lettering: It you want to display a message or words on your store windows, invest in cut vinyl letters instead of a glass marker. Markers look amateur and sloppy unless done perfectly, while vinyl letters look neat and professional. The vinyl letters from Apple Visual Graphics are entirely customizable, from the font to the color and size, and are easy to adhere and change.
  • Letterhead and Stationery: Having professional letterhead and stationery is one of the most important tools for making your company look more professional and appear trustworthy. All official company communications, whether with competitors, suppliers, or customers, should be done on this letterhead, not on simple, signed paper. This is one of the first tools you should invest in when you are launching your marketing or branding campaign.

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The Importance of Presentation: Part I

In marketing and branding your business, presentation can be just as important as quality content, and there are many services and options that digital printing services offer to help you achieve professional-looking products and materials.

Whether it is investing in the perfect lamination or embossing, or designing bound materials instead of slipping loose papers into a folder, Apple Visual Graphics can help you take your printed materials to the next level. Here are a few of the options you can use for doing so:

  • Bindery: Binding services can be used to create a saddle-stitched catalogue, spiral bound catalogues, and presentation booklets, or even to score and fold simple greeting cards. Wire-O bounding is available in many colors, and can be customized to fit your company image and color scheme, adding to the branding value of such a service. Professional binding sets you above companies that only use folders or loose handouts.
  • Brochure Maker: Using a professional brochure maker to create your brochure instead of trying to create one using Microsoft Word instantly associates you with professional, trustworthy businesses instead of scams or brand-new companies. The tools and design help available will result in profit gain that more than offsets the costs.
  • Custom Banners: Some smaller companies choose to hand paint signs, but custom banners that are professionally printed really set your company apart and make it look trustworthy. Banners are professional and high quality, and can be used again and again. Make sure you design your banner well, instead of simply printing words.

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A Guide to Modern Advertising

Marketing today is much different than it was even ten or 20 years ago. While low prices, high value, and fast customer service all once ruled capitalism and dictated the parameters of marketing, corporate ethics have now taken over and affected the way in which you need to construct a successful marketing campaign.

The ethics and philosophy of your business need to be sound. People are willing to pay more and wait slightly longer if your business is trustworthy, and will find a competitor if your business does not appear to be entirely ethical.

Here are several ways in which this new focus will affect your print advertisements:

  • Cultivate fair trade policies in your business, and make sure you include these details on in the copy on your custom posters and brochures. Customers really respond to details like these, as proven by Toms Shoes.
  • Keep your copy and your message simple. You shouldn’t have to over explain your moral position and mission; you should be able to state it in a few, short sentences. If you need several long sentences to explain, you will lose attention, and you will begin to feel insincere.
  • Make sure you don’t alter photos in a manner that is dishonest or unethical. Toning and touching up is okay, but don’t alter people’s bodies or situations to make them appear dramatically different.

When it comes to anything you are ordering from digital printing services, make sure you ask yourself “is this good and ethical” before sending something. This applies to the idea, initiative, mission, copy, photos, etc.

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First Steps for Marketing Your Small Business

Marketing is incredibly important for small businesses. It helps spread the word about your business and is vital for attracting new customers and building a loyal customer base. Here are the first steps for marketing your small business if you are new to the digital printing services marketing game:

  • Start with market research. This helps you establish an understanding of the market you are in, including the buying habits and behavior of your target audience, and it saves you money that you would otherwise spend making custom posters or custom posters that don’t appeal to your audience.
  • Establish a marketing plan. This means you need to plan your tone and goals for your marketing strategy and campaign, figure out what type of material you are going to design and order, what services and products you are going to market, and more. Marketing a service is more challenging than a product, but it can be equally important, depending on your business.
  • Create a marketing budget and decide how much you are going to spend on your campaign, your give-away items, your branding campaign, etc. As a general rule, companies should invest 20% of their resources into marketing. If you don’t put money into your business, marketing campaign included, you will not see a return or interest in your business. This is a rough figure that you should maintain even as your business grows.
  • Make sure you include your company mission, attitude, and goals in your marketing. There should be personality and soul behind your advertisements, if you ultimately want people to connect with and patronize your business.

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