Effective In-Store Graphics

Consumers are constantly given a choice in different brands and products. Most consumers will choose a brand they are more familiar and comfortable with, resulting in more sales for that brand. Increasing brand awareness so that customers choose your products can lead your company to greater success and more profit.

Ways to Increase Brand Awareness

Advertising your brand is important in increasing consumer awareness. You can do this with different types of media advertisements, from TV commercials to social media ads. The more you make your brand visible, the more likely you are to make a positive impression on consumers. Use these advertising tools to create a trustworthy image, setting your brand above other brands.

In addition to commercials and social media ads, you can increase brand awareness in the store. In-store graphics are a great way to reinforce the image you’ve already portrayed through other forms of advertising media. This can increase the likelihood of your brand being selected over other brands.

Effective In-Store Graphics

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Top Uses for Banners This Spring

Custom posters, vinyl signs and custom banners all have many different uses for spring, and can easily stretch your print advertising campaign through summer, if you order several different variations of each, and allow your campaign to naturally evolve as the season develops. Here are some of the top uses for banners this season:

  • Easter: Create a custom banner for your Easter sale, or if you aren’t having a sale, create a banner that highlights your company’s relevance for the holiday. Capitalizing on the high spirits that surrounds holidays is one of the easiest ways to drum up more business. Use pastels, Easter graphics and rounded fonts for a successful banner.
  • Spring Sales: Most companies have spring cleaning sales, offering old merchandise at discounted prices. The best way to attract customers to your store is by installing an oversized banner printed with block fonts and bright, vibrant colors. These banners will catch eyes from far away and put people in the mind of getting good deals and spending money.
  • Mothers’ Day: Use flowers, pinks, hearts and pastel colors to create a successful Mothers’ Day banner. Put special gifts and cards for the holiday near the front of your store in a special display, as well, once you install the banner.
  • Graduation Banners: The start of summer marks graduation season, meaning people are purchasing items for graduation parties, gifts for graduates and more. Capitalize on the festivities with a dignified banner to draw customers into your store.

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Fly Flags with Your Print Ad Campaign

Spring is a time of growth, color, activity and high spirits. What better way to capture all of this in your spring print advertising campaign than by flying a new company flag? People make a subconscious judgment of your business within 90 seconds of first encountering it, and a large portion of their opinion is based on color. Flying a new, colorful flag will dramatically improve potential customers’ first impressions of your company.

Apple Visual Graphics offers many different sizes and designs for flags, giving you the opportunity to create a custom flag with a catchy image or logo and vibrant colors to capture the attention of any passers-by. Flags are inexpensive, and they are seen by many more people than some other types of print advertisements.

Other colorful ways to capture attention outdoors during spring are custom banners, which work best when printed in bold, complementary colors with a strong logo and company title; custom posters, which can have similar designs to banners but with more information; and vinyl signs that cling to the windows at the front of your business. As usual, remember to choose print advertisements with bright colors, flowers and other active images for spring.

You can also make smaller flags or purely decorative flags available for sale to help customers get caught up in spring fever. These not only help with advertising, but also help stimulate business during these warmer seasons. Call Apple Visual Graphics at 718-361-2200 for more information about ordering custom flags today.

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Tips for Improving Your Print Ads this Season

You’ve likely heard many of the general print ad advice before, including limit your copy, focus your ad, use images and create a strong headline. Here are a few spring-specific tips to help improve your large format digital printing advertisements this season.

  1. Capture the Cliché: While English teachers probably beat clichés out of you, advertising experts will tell you to embrace them. Spring into this season with catchy seasonal clichés, but make sure you don’t overuse them. A well-placed cliché in a custom poster or custom banner can help capture the feel of the season and draw your customer in. Too many of them will annoy potential customers and make you look unprofessional.
  2. Color Everything: Spring is not the time to limit the colors on your print advertisements or to print in black and white. This is the time to go full color on every poster and every page of your catalogue. The more color this season, the better.
  3. Use Images: Pictures are the perfect way to show what you mean, and are perfect for spring since they can capture the warm colors, activity and new growth better than words can. Make sure your images are cohesive and well composed, and the copy you place on your ad doesn’t interfere with your pictures.
  4. Time it Right: Don’t advertise on Fridays or Saturdays if you are placing your ads in papers or magazines. People are too busy enjoying their free time and being out of doors to peruse their regular publications on these days, and your ads are likely to be missed.

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Spring into April with Seasonal Themes

The long freeze of winter is finally thawing, meaning it’s time to take advantage of potential customers’ rising spirits, with spring themes in your new advertising campaign. Ads should be vibrant, bright and fresh to perfectly capture the mood of the new season. Here are several popular spring themes and elements to include in your custom posters, custom banners, Duratrans and other print ads for spring 2014.

  • Bright Colors: Fall and winter are the seasons for cold temperatures and cool colors. After months of cold weather and cool colors, people are ready for warmth and vibrant colors. Bright greens, reds and pinks that mimic grass and flower growth, and brilliant blues that capture the color of the sky are perfect for capturing customers’ excitement for spring and channeling it into enthusiasm for your products and services.
  • Families and Friends: Spring is also the time when families and friends begin spending more time together outside, so feature groups of people spending time together in warm, outdoor settings in your ads. The happiness and sense of action are perfect for reaching your customers this season.
  • Flowers: Spring, unlike summer, is marked by a brilliant burst of new growth and blossoms. Replace the snowflakes in your winter advertisements with buds and blooms for your spring ads.
  • Spring Cleaning: Many people go through their homes, getting rid of old things and redecorating with new decorations and furniture. Using photos and images of beautifully decorated homes and rooms helps to capture this sentiment and puts people in the mood to purchase more and spruce up their space.

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