How Utilizing Digital Printing Services Will Improve Your Marketing Strategy

digital printing servicesIn the world of marketing, there are endless tips and tricks being offered to business owners. However, few have been proven to truly work like the use of print advertising and digital printing services. Many say print media is dead but they’re not accounting for the amount of print media we see everyday. They’re also not accounting for how well it works.

Let’s say there’s a consumer walking down the street in New York City. Most likely, they’re going to see more print ads within two blocks than some see in a whole day. But there’s a reason businesses use digital printing services: people are more likely to remember something they see than something they hear. While television and radio ads are a great marketing tool, digital printing brings advertising to a whole new level.

Recent studies have asked consumers how they interact with different types of advertising materials. These studies show that a marketing campaign which utilizes both digital printing services and digital communication is more likely to be successful. It’s believed that over 80% of Americans are able to retain a company’s name when they see a logo on a promotional gift. Also, the average consumer will keep promotional calendars for an entire year. While many businesses have ruled out using digital printing services for direct mail advertising, almost 75% of American consumers stated they prefer receiving direct mail as communication from brands because they can read it at their own convenience. So sending a promotional calendar with a company logo on it may prove more beneficial than most think.

The great thing about digital printing services is that there are a large variety of options for business owners. From custom printed items to banner printing, there’s something for everyone. Companies that offer digital printing services will often provide outdoor advertising as well, such as signs and building wraps. Aside from the visibility aspect, outdoor advertising is also 80% less expensive than television ads and 60% less expensive than radio ads.

Does your business use digital printing services for your marketing and advertising? Sound off in the comments below!

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