How Offset Printing Works

offset printing serviceMore than 75% of small business owners describe their ideal marketing strategy as a combination of print and digital communication. Considering that an estimated 84% of consumers retain a company’s name when they see promotional gifts with the company’s logo on it, this approach works well. With an estimated $44.5 billion spent on direct mail marketing in 2014, companies are utilizing old-fashioned methods as well as newfangled marketing techniques.

Picture this: your favorite magazine shows up at your doorstep, as it does every month. But instead of throwing it on the counter for when you get a chance to browse it, you take a moment to absorb the little details that go into making that magazine. The colors, design, words and pictures used are all picked over until perfect, then a series of high-speed machines, two ton rolls of paper, computer, and sharp knives turn it into what shows up at your door.

Offset printing is the process of transferring an inked image from a plate to a rubber blanket and then to the printing surface. Companies that offer offset printing services use this technique to make newspapers, magazines, brochures, stationery, books and much more. But what does the process of offset printing entail?

Creative Process:
Every magazine, newspaper, novel and comic starts as nothing more than a collection of ideas and/or opinions. The design of a newspaper or magazine is meticulously contemplated before the printing process even begins. From inception to completion, these works are a result of the creative process.

Offset Printing Services Process:
Once graphics, colors, designs, words and all other aspects are sorted out and decided upon, it’s time for printing. Also known as offset lithography, this process is based on the concept that ink and water don’t mix. The images or words being printed are put on plates, which are dampened by water. The ink is then placed on the plates, sticking to the image area while the water adheres to the non-image area. The image is then transferred to a rubber blanket and then to paper.

With the help of large printers, computers, and a team of creative people, the offset printing service process results in aspects of the most commonly used household products and forms of entertainment. While offset printing is just one of many forms of printing, it has been around for more than a century and provides a quality image that is unparalleled.

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