Digital Printing Is Everywhere Around Us

digital printing services

You pick up your monogrammed briefcase, click the “unlock” button on your car beeper, get in your car, drive to the coffee shop and get your cup of coffee, and go to your job. What did all of those stages in that process have in common? They were all shaped by digital printing.

The monogram on your briefcase? The text on the papers in your briefcase? The symbols on your beeper and the dashboard of your car? The logo and text on your coffee cup? They were all applied to their surfaces via digital printing technology.

So what should we know about digital printing services? What can these wizards of space and image, these experts covering our world in a fluid layer of symbols, tell us about the way things work? What parts of our society do digital printing services reach or not reach? How can we know what is next to be decked out in digitally printed visual splendor? What can be expected?

In this article, we’ll talk about a few instances where digital printing plays a big part in our lives, whether we might be aware of it or not.

The Mail
Almost every piece of mail you get bears the stamp of commercial printing. It makes sense — when people get the mail, 80% tend to sort it right there and then. About 60% of people claim to like checking for mail, so clearly they aren’t burnt out on it yet. That direct link to people’s eyeballs is what keeps American companies spending $44.5 million on direct mail marketing some years.

Business Communication
It is almost impossible to comprehend how much digital printing goes on in service of corporate America. For starters, there are 27 million business cards printed every day. Not even taking into account all the paper, we see digital printing at work on promotional products, custom printed items, and more.

Mass Advertising
We’ve all seen a car wrapped in some kind of gaudy promotion in a NASCAR video. But did you know that it’s not just cars that can be wrapped top to bottom in images? The options range from a barricade wrap to add visual flair to a concert event, to banner printing for a festival, to full length wraps for entire buildings!

You might imagine that people might grow weary of these outrageous marketing schemes. But as it happens, nearly half of those polled described car wraps as the most unique advertising medium available. And outdoor advertising — which includes digitally printed billboards and signs as well as car and building wraps — costs 50 to 80% less than advertising through news media. Maybe they are onto something after all.

Digital printing services have left an indelible impression on our world. Next time you’re anywhere, keep your eyes peeled for more examples of how printing companies have left their mark, and keep us updated in the comments below.

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