Digital Printing Helps Bring Spain’s ‘Influence On U.S.’ Project to Life

digital printing

A digital printing company can help businesses and individuals through the process of printing from a digital-based image directly to a variety of media. In one of the more extensive projects the industry will probably see this year, Hewlett-Packard (HP) announced this week they will be teaming with Spain’s Fundación Consejo España-EE.UU. (Spain-USA Council Foundation), according to the print and digital printing technology news site

The international collaboration effort will be working on the foundation’s Designing America: Spain’s Imprint in the U.S.exhibition, which highlights Spain’s contribution in shaping the landscape of the United States. With the help of HP’s digital printing services they will be able to reproduce a series of documents and maps dating back to the 16th century.

“When we were given the opportunity to get involved in this project and make it possible for the ‘Designing America’ exhibition to travel to the U.S., we didn’t think twice about participating,” said Helena Herrero, President of HP Iberia. “Partly because of the exhibition’s rich cultural and historical content, and also because of the rich bond between our company, the U.S. and Spain.”

Typically digital printing is thought of in a marketing or advertising sense. Even though digital is becoming increasingly important, 76% of small businesses say their ideal marketing strategy encompasses a combination of both print and digital communication. U.S. companies spent an estimated $44.5 billion on direct mail marketing alone in 2014.

This project won’t have anything to do with promotional material or contributing to the roughly 27,397,260 business cards that are printed daily. With over 20 maps, images, and objects the end exhibition will see an interactive display on the many journeys and impact Spain has had, dating back to being the first Europeans to reach American soil 500 years ago.

The exhibit, which is currently on display through Feb. 28 at the Former Residence of the Spanish Ambassadors to the U.S., will make a tour through the U.S. later in the year.

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