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The 5 Biggest Mistakes You Can Make With Print Marketing

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Digital marketing may get more attention these days, but print marketing is still an important part of promoting businesses of all sizes. More than three quarters — 76% — of small businesses say that ideally, their marketing strategy would incorporate both digital and print communication. Because print marketing has been around for a while, there’s quite a bit of evidence of what works. For example, 84% of Americans will remember a company’s name if they receive a branded promotional gift bearing that company’s logo. There’s also evidence of what doesn’t work for print marketing. If you’re planning a print campaign, keep in mind these five mistakes that can cost your business big time:

  1. Not Defining a Specific Target Market

    The biggest mistake people make in marketing, across the board, is failing to define their target market and research that audience. You might hope that everyone will want to buy your product or become a client, but when it comes to getting a return on your advertising dollars, specificity is key. When it comes to types of advertising that are given directly to people, rather than simply displayed (think direct mailers, as opposed to banners or online ads), then brainstorming and researching in advance become even more important cost-wise.

  2. Not Creating a Consistent Campaign

    No matter what your goal is with a specific print marketing campaign, each and every aspect of a marketing plan must be consistent with your brand image. People’s eyes like consistency because it then takes less work for their brains to make the connections between what they’re seeing and what they’ve seen in the past; being recognizable is an important part of marketing your company as a whole.

  3. Not Investing in Quality Materials

    If your print materials look cheap, your company looks cheap. This is one reason why using a commercial printing company that can offer you high-quality products is so important; commercial printing services can create materials you could never match on your company’s office printer. Also keep in mind that digital commercial printing opens up options for unique applications, including special paper, specialty finishes, alternate printing surfaces or unusual sizing, so you may want to investigate using a digital printing company.

  4. Not Remembering Repeat Customers

    Typically, 80% of a company’s business comes from repeat customers. So while a direct mail marketing campaign or outdoor banners designed to bring in new customers are part of a good marketing plan, you shouldn’t forget to build loyalty among your existing customers with custom promotional gifts and similar tactics.

  5. Not Doing Sufficient Editing

    There are two elements to the editing that should occur on all print marketing materials. The first has to do with volume; you should scrutinize each individual aspect of promotional materials and decide whether it’s contributing to the overall message. The less prospective customers’ brains need to process, the better. And second, proofreading is an absolutely essential part of creating printed materials. The time to read carefully is before 10,000 copies have been printed.

Have you ever worked on a print marketing campaign? Share what went well and what you wish you could change in the comments.

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Three Secret Ways to Make Direct Mailers That Lead to Direct Profits

Despite what naysayers claim, the Internet age has not killed direct mail marketing. The art of using digital printing services to send custom mailers directly to potential customers is alive and well. In fact, businesses spent $47.8 billion on direct mail marketing in 2011. Not only that, but digital printing companies expect spending on direct mail marketing to have increased by 3.6% by the end of 2014.

The reason marketers still rely so heavily on digital printing services is simple: direct mail marketing works. Compared to emails sent to previous customers, direct mail marketing is 30 times more likely to receive a response. What’s more, a company that spends about $167 on direct mail marketing can expect to see $2,095 back in sales.

All this being said, success is not guaranteed. The key to making direct mail marketing work lies in the mailer itself. Believe it or not, 94% of customers will judge a mailer by its physical appearance, making an unconscious judgement of your business in as little as 90 seconds. You can’t simply send out a regular old postcard and expect it to bring customers in.

Thankfully, digital printing services have tons of customizable options. Here are a few tips to help you make direct mailers that will work.

Shape & Size
Most direct mailers are based around standard sizes, which means that you can set your self apart by having digital printing services to create mailers that are oddly formatted and shaped. If something literally sticks out in a person’s mailbox, it’s more likely to stick out in their memory.

You could say that color is pretty important when you consider the fact that 62% to 90% of a person’s judgement is based on the mailer’s color. In fact, having digital printing services add full color to your mailers can increase their response rate by 45% of more.

It’s not enough to have digital printing services make your mailers stick out to the eye — they should stick out in a person’s hand, too. Digital printing services have tons of custom applications, like special paper, finishes, unusual printing surfaces, and more that can all make a mailer more interactive. If the mailer looks good and feels unique, it’s practically screaming for attention.

Using custom label printing to send personally addressed marketing mailers to potential customers is a great way to increase revenues and generate a buzz about your business. You might even say that direct mail marketing leads to direct profits.

If you have any questions about how a digital printing company can help you get the word out about your business in the most cost effective way possible, feel free to ask in the comments.

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Benefits of Digital Printing

Digital printing is economical, convenient and quality printing solution available today for low quantity prints. Digital printing is recommended for smaller quantities of copies.

Whether it is for business cards, letter heads, banners, calendars, greeting cards, posters, brochures or invitation cards, digital printing is considered the best choice because of the benefits it offers.

Fast turnaround: If you compare digital printing with offset printing, the latter has a lengthy setup process; whereas in digital printing, there are no printing plates and so the time to set up a file to print is shorter.

High quality: The advantage of digital printing is the quality of the print. The clarity of pictures and images is far superior and quite impressive. With digital print, the quality remains consistent regardless of the number of prints – even the 500th print will be same as that of the first.

Cost-effective: Compared to offset printing, unit cost of print may be a little higher but when set up costs and wastage is considered, digital printing is cheaper for low volume printing option.

Personalization: Digital printing uses variable data printing – based on your printing needs, you can customize content/images. You can print as many personalized brochures/flyers/business cards as you want by using variable data printing.

These are some of the major benefits digital printing offers. To get the best of your printing needs, hire a professional digital printing company to do the job.

Feel free to contact us with any question you have on digital printing, or let us know your printing needs, we will guide you to the most economical and efficient option.

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Tips for Outdoor Visuals

When creating outdoor visuals for your businesses you want to make sure that your message will not go unnoticed. A recent study revealed that of all of the advertisements made each year only three percent are liked while 89 percent go completely unnoticed. How can you change this for your business? In addition to having an effective color scheme and easy-to-remember message and call to action, it is necessary to have a layout for your outdoor visual that grabs the attention of the person and gets your message across.

Directional cues on your ad go a long way toward affecting the outcome of the interaction between it and the potential customer. Whether you want to be explicit in your intentions or more subtle with what action you want the consumer to take, you must always aim to separate yourself from the vast amount of advertisements and signs already out there.

Obvious cues such as big, bold letters and arrows pointing directly to your call to action will instantly bring the viewer’s attention to the most important part of your graphic. However, suggestive tactics such as effectively using white space and position text and photos in a way that guides the person through the advertisement can also be highly effective. The key is to experiment with a variety of designs and directional cues to find the ones that resonates the most with your target audience so that you can be part of the three percent rather than having your sign and business bypassed.

There are many ways to catch the attention of your visitor in your outdoor advertisments, read our tips on our Apple Visual Graphic infographic.

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Effective Exterior Graphics

Bringing attention to your business is essential in order to help it grow. Attracting customers by using effective exterior graphics will help you draw in people to your brick-and-mortar location so you have the opportunity to sell. Not only does this give you a chance to advertise to customers when they are away from the television or radio, it also helps you narrow your focus to select markets. Whether you want to promote your business by purchasing a building wrap to go around your store, buying graphics for a company vehicle or advertising at a bus stop, there are nearly endless opportunities to remind your potential customers about your business.

Your options are not limited by your budget for advertising either. Retail stores that want to promote a certain event or special can do so with cut vinyl lettering and a sign put up by the entrance. With an effective color scheme and captivating text, this is a simple way to get your products noticed by passersby. The goal is to make sure that your customers have every opportunity to learn about your business without feeling that you are overdoing it. Finding the right balance will get customers in the front door so that your team can do the rest.

When developing your branding and advertising plan it is a good idea to lay out all of the options you have. Exterior graphics give you the opportunity to get creative without having to commit all of your resources to an aggressive television campaign, even at the local level. Find the method that works best for you and start your design process today.

To catch a passerbys eye you need to ensure your exterior graphics are effective enough to make a person take in the message of your Ad.

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