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Printing Doesn’t Have to Be a Hassle: Benefits of Using Digital Printing Services

printing servicesOn average, customers will keep promotional calendars for all 12 months of the year. However, printing all of those calendars in-house may be a daunting task.

Not only is in-house printing a long task, it can be a difficult one. From running out of supplies to printer jams, it may seem like the machines are out to get you. However, digital printing services can put an end to that, and here’s how.

More Cost Efficient

The truth is that digital printing companies have all of the necessary supplies at their location for any printing job. Where in-house and offset printing require extra expenses and often produce excess product that ends up being a waste. Digital printing services, however, print exactly how much you need at an affordable price so you can save money and storage space.

High Quality

If you hire a digital printing company, one thing you’re absolutely sure to get is high-quality products. Because these companies specialize in digital printing, they have the best equipment and supplies on the market. Need an outdoor sign designed and printed? Not only does it cost 60% less than a newspaper ad, it’s guaranteed to be of the absolute highest quality when a digital printing service is responsible for creating it.

More Options

In-house printing often leaves you with limited options as far as how much you can print and what kind of quality you can produce. However, digital printing services have countless options for you to choose from, and should be able to print whatever you might need.

Environmentally Friendly

While not printing excess materials can save you storage space, it can also save some trees. By not producing as much paper waste, fewer trees need to be cut down to provide materials for your extra products in addition to the over 27 million business cards printed daily.

If you need signs or pamphlets printed, digital printing services are definitely the way to go. Struggling with in-house printers can often feel like a nightmare, but digital printing services are there to get the job done quickly and done right.

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VIDEO – Apple Visual Graphics

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The Future is Now With 3D Printing

online printingThis week, the Wall Street Journal reported valuable new updates on the evolution of 3-D printing. Aside from functional body parts and food, 3-D printers can now also generate unique and functional pieces of art for your home, out of just about any material. One of the market printers, MakerBot “plans to launch a line of filaments — something like the ink cartridges in a regular printer — made partly of limestone, maple, bronze and iron.” From lacy light-bulbs to chandeliers made of printed gears, the frontier of 3-D printed artisan decor is just ahead of us.

For artists, much of the process of creation and design can be frustrating and arduous. For a fraction of the time and cost, designers can now plan their creations digitally and then use online printing to acquire the individual pieces for assembly. The results are stunning, custom printed items, one-of-a-kind pieces of art that, in time, you’ll be able to print out at and assemble at home.

This development predicts a way to bridge a gap between the artisan and the art. 3-D printing is an engaging enough conversation topic, let alone when you reveal that it’s responsible for a one-of-a-kind home creation. Michael McHale, who uses 3-D printers to make breath-taking chandeliers, says, “It’s not only that they love the product; they’re enamored of the story.”

Instead of handing out one of the 27,397,260 business cards printed every day, what if you could just print out a little model replica of your face? These are the kinds of possibilities on the horizon for custom 3-D printing.

For those of us who aren’t fortunate enough to own a 3-D printer, or don’t have the budget for couture decor, there are lots of ways to get creative with printing. Your local printing services can offer custom canvas art prints, metal art prints, photo books, and more. They also offer card stock printing, so you can design your own paper art and assemble it at home using online printing, just like the pros.

You can also use your local printing company to grow your business with a printed car-wrap, which 48% of people think is the most unique form of advertising, or some promotional calendars, which your customers are reported to keep all year long. The possibilities are endless!

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How the 4 P’s of Branding Can Transform Your Print Marketing

digital printingThe “four P’s” of marketing (product, price, place and promotion) have influenced campaign after campaign for years, and they’re certainly still relevant. But if you’re trying to make relatable and effective print marketing materials, then the four P’s of branding might actually be more useful to you. Here’s how you can think about incorporating your company’s purpose, promise, personality and platform into print marketing:

  1. Purpose

    It doesn’t matter whether you’re making a teeny-tiny postcard or a giant banner; the hardest part of print marketing is often editing down everything you have to say into a concise statement that will mean something to the reader. Clearly defining your business’ purpose — a one-sentence explanation of why your business exists — can help you do that. Even if the statement itself doesn’t make it onto the final product, you should compare every element you’re considering against your purpose. If they don’t fit together, then your marketing materials aren’t reflecting your company the way they should.

  2. Promise

    Your promise is what you can offer to your customers, and is essentially another way of thinking about your unique selling proposition. You have to be able to highlight not only what it is that you offer, but what you offer that other companies can’t. You might sell widgets, but what makes them different from your competitor’s widgets? Keep in mind when making promises that consumers aren’t as forgiving with companies as they are with politicians — once you make promises, you must expect to keep them.

  3. Personality

    Brands have personalities, just like people do, and you want your brand to appeal to people on an emotional level. Are you easygoing and likeable? Are you edgy and forward-thinking? Are you professional and traditional? Are you quirky and fun? Research what your target market prefers, and then project it. When it comes to print marketing, one of the strongest ways to convey personality is through choices of colors, fonts, graphics and images. That’s why it’s so important to work with a qualified graphic designer or marketer who has a solid understanding of how design choices affect people’s psychology. Especially if you’re creating marketing materials designed to draw in passers-by, you’ll have only a few seconds to make an impression.

  4. Platform

    This is where the technical details come in. The physical distribution of your purpose, promise and personality matter, and that means choosing a top-quality commercial printing company that can ensure that the print product you end up with reflects the quality and care you offer your customers. For small businesses, a digital printing company will probably be best; digital printing generally allows for lower minimum quantities than offset printing, has a quicker turnaround, is more accurate, and has fewer variations because ink and water don’t have to be manually balanced throughout the run. Digital printing is also the most affordable way to print customized materials such as direct mailers and letters. But no matter what printing techniques you choose, the final product should be representative of your brand.

How else can brands increase the effectiveness of their print marketing materials? Discuss in the comments.

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