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Building or Boosting Your Brand Part 1

Building or Boosting Your Brand Part 1

If you are a smaller business, or you are just starting out, one of the most important things you can do is create a strong, unified brand for your company. This includes using custom posters, custom banners, brochure makers and other marketing materials; your online presence; your company logo; and your products and services, to establish one unified front that customers can easily identify, understand and remember.

The key to success with branding is cohesion. You need to identify a goal or image that you want to create up front, and then consistently work towards it. Here are a few tips to help you create a brand that is unified and successful:

  1. Make sure you begin by targeting a specific audience. Are teenagers the age group that is most likely to patron your business, or is a certain racial demographic more likely to identify with your company than any one age group? Whichever it is for your company, design your marketing campaigns and product advertisements so that they appeal to your target audience.
  2. Your marketing materials need to grab potential customers’ attention, either by issuing a simple challenge, giving some instruction, or making a statement. Your copy needs to be about your customers, not about your company, and it needs to be simple enough that the message is clear from a distance. It is important to decide what your message is before beginning to design your advertisements, because you want each of them to have a message that is consistent with your overall theme.
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The Importance of Letterhead

Letterheads are as important as brands, and can have a massive impact on how customers and potential clients view and respect your company upon the first few times being exposed to it. Thus, it’s important that companies give their letterheads the proper amount of attention before ordering stationery and other products with the company letterhead.

First, it is a good idea to hire a graphic design company or a marketing company who is familiar with letterheads and the information and designs that are effective. Be sure to include your company name, your address, a phone number and a company email, if you have one. Your goal is to include enough information that anyone receiving the stationery has enough information directly on the letter to contact you back. Since most people won’t put in the effort to find your contact information if it is not readily available in a fashion like this, they are unlikely to contact you back.

Once you have researched and collected all of the necessary information for your letterhead, find digital printing services that are comfortable handling offset printing, large format digital printing, and other applications that you need. Then, when you receive your new letterhead stationery, make sure any stationery that the employees in your company use has been swapped out for the new letterhead stationery. Having an updated, professionally created letterhead that your employees don’t use is as useless as not having one at all.

Finally, once you have an updated letterhead, make sure changes are minimal. You don’t want to overhaul your letterhead and present clients with an entirely new look, or they may stop associating it with your company.

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Falling in Love with Banners

Fall is almost upon us, and we are once again falling in love with custom banners for the upcoming season.  When you’re ordering custom posters and custom postcards from a postcard printing service, get extra into the spirit and order custom banners, as well.

Banners are useful in many situations, including promoting new products, lines, sales or increasing brand awareness. Highlight your company or its new products this fall by incorporating images into a banner that showcases warm fall colors and catchy slogans about back to school, the fall weather or other traditional fall hallmarks.

In designing your new banners, you need to consider more things than the aesthetic appearance. First, many companies, Apple Visual Graphics included, offer a range of fabric materials for you from which to select. You then need to decide on the size of your banner, if you want a custom or standard shape, what finish you would like, how much you would like it to weigh, how you would like to display your banner, and more. Most banners are strung up, but they can also be displayed using poles, and it’s important to decide which you want before finishing your design.

You also need to select where you will display your banner, as the contents and material may change if you are displaying your banner outside, as opposed to inside. If you have any questions or need help designing your new custom banners, call Apple Visual Graphics at 718-361-2200, and a printing expert will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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Greeting Card Varieties

If you want to send your customers something slightly more personal as part of your new marketing campaign, but you don’t want to order new brochures from a brochure maker, consider designing and purchasing custom greeting cards from Apple Visual Graphics. These greeting cards are available in a variety of folds and custom sizes, and have more custom options available.

In designing your greeting cards, you can choose from a range of papers, and you can include different finishes, lamination, die cutting, embossing or perforation, and more. When it comes to folds, you can go with the classic two-panel fold card and design it either vertically or horizontally, or you can choose a 3-panel accordion fold, a 4-panel roll fold, a 4-panel accordion fold, a 4-panel gate fold, a rack card, a 4-panel double fold or a 3-panel roll fold.

The different fold options give you the choice of designing your greeting card similarly to a brochure, but in a more personal package, or you can design a greeting card that simply says hello and increases good will. Our clients have found both to be useful, and your choice depends mostly on the nature of your company and current marketing campaign.

Another option is ordering greeting cards that either have your company name on them, or which relate to your company’s services and products, and then either give them away or sell them for extra revenue. Greeting cards are easy to design, and are relatively inexpensive, making them a great give-away item as part of your next branding or marketing campaign. You can also look into postcard printing, if you live in a big city or tourist-heavy area, or order custom posters. All three items can be used for similar purposes.

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Every Door Marketing

While having high quality, accurate marketing material is of the utmost importance in a marketing campaign, making sure they are delivered reliably and on time is equally important. Your expertly written and designed brochure will mean nothing if it is delivered a week after the sale it is advertising ends, so to help you ensure that your materials reach customers, Apple Visual Graphics is offering Every Door delivery service.

The Door Direct Mail service allows you to send booklets, catalogues, calendars, business cards, postcards, coupons, menus and more straight from our printing facilities to people’s homes. Advertising in this way allows you to reach people on a personal level and to give them coupons and information in a setting where they will be much more receptive.

Many businesses have said they’ve experienced high success by ordering materials from our booklet printing services and other printing service options and delivering them via Door Direct Mail service, and new companies are opting for the special delivery option every day. Spruce up your marketing for spring and choose to deliver your materials directly to your customers’ doors.

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