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The Basics of Offset Printing

Offset Printing is a method of printing where a technique is used that spreads ink on a metal plate that is covered in etchings. The ink is then transferred to an intermediary material, such as a rubber blanket or another in-between material that is less permanent than metal but more permanent than paper.  Once this step has been fulfilled, the ink is once again transferred, this time to paper by pressing the paper against the middle material.

This method is commonly used to create orders for a lot of high quality documents, such as certificates or high quality brochures. Since special technology is necessary to complete the process, it is cheaper and easier for companies to order their offset printing products from a printing service rather than invest in the ability to print this way themselves.

Also, once the equipment is on site, such as with specialized printing shops, prints can be created quickly and at low cost, meaning you save time and money.

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Personalize Your Correspondence

It isn’t very hard to personalize your correspondence, but it can make a big impression on the people receiving your cards and letters. Here are a few options for customizing your written correspondences with Apple Visual Graphics:

  1. Greeting Cards: Greeting Cards are very versatile, and can range from simple cards with a design on the front, to cards with a specific message in them. You can order cards with a range of different folds, for any occasion — personal or corporate. Cards differ slightly from letters, in that they’re made from thicker material and feel a little bit more personal.
  2. Letterhead and Stationery: Stationery with a logo and your information on it can make a huge difference in business, as it leaves an impression on the recipient of the letter and also gives them all of your contact information in one neat place. The options are endless, and the experts at Apple Visual Graphics can help you design the perfect stationery.
  3. Customized Invitations: All businesses hold corporate events at some point, and sending out custom invitations, instead of generic emails or plain letters, can make a huge difference in the impression attendees get.


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POP/POS Graphics

Shelf Talker Printing

POP/POS Graphics are Point Of Purchase or Point Of Sale graphics.  These are advertisements which are strategically placed to promote purchase of a particular brand or item within a store.  For obvious reasons, these graphics are usually placed near the register or near checkout lines.  Many people are familiar with these items but just don’t know the name of them. read more

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Wide Format Printing – What is it Good For?

Wide Format PrintingAbsolutely Everything!

Since wide format printers use rolls of material instead of single sheets, they can produce almost any size project, even if it is just sheets of 1” diameter stickers.  Although this is not the typical use of a wide format printer, it is certainly a possible use.  read more

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