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Pros for Using Digital Printing

Offset printing is an older, slightly more precise type of printing, but that doesn’t mean digital printing isn’t preferred in some situations. Here are some pros to using the newer technology as opposed to offset printing.

  • Digital printing is much faster than offset printing. If a project is on a tight deadline, digital printing will have the project done in a mere fraction of the time and it will still be high quality.
  • Digital printing is also more cost effective than offset printing, especially if you have a large printing job.
  • Digital printing also makes quick color customizations during the print process easy. It is possible to customize individual images and colors throughout the project without having to slow down and redo the set up stages of printing.
  • If you are looking to purchase printing equipment to have in your office or at home, digital printers are much cheaper and portable. They also require much less training to use properly.

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Four More Tips for Designing Custom Banners

In our last blog, we gave you four tips to help you design a successful custom banner. Here are four more tips to help you polish off your design and ensure that your banner is as effective as possible.

  1. Try to use a single font throughout your banner. If you switch fonts, your banner is likely to lack unity and be less effective.
  1. When you reprint the banner, change the design so your customers are seeing a fresh banner even if it covers the same topic or information. This will hold interest longer.
  1. Try to balance the amount of text you use and the images and logos you insert in your banner. Too much of one or the other will make your banner look uninteresting and will lessen its effectiveness.

Make sure to highlight key words and discounts. This helps the meat of your message to stand out to customers and will keep interest for longer. Your goal with banners is for people to be able to look at them and get the information in as little time as possible. Highlighting helps with this.

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Posters to Impress

In 15 years of poster printing, we’ve seen every kind of design you can imagine, from standard and informative to groundbreaking-ly creative.  Because of this, we truly believe in posters as an effective marketing element. If you pair the perfect colors and have great design elements, there’s no reason your poster won’t be successful in drawing attention to the great products and services that you offer.

In addition to putting posters up in public places where people are likely to see them, they can also be useful as a give-away tool. Many people collect posters either as a hobby or to use as decoration at their office or home. By designing a poster that centers on your company or one of your products and making it particularly artistic and creative, you are creating an item that many people would be happy to purchase or win.

You can sell them at your business to generate extra profit or give them away to generate extra goodwill. Either way, we know they will be a hit.

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Tips for a Better Marketing Campaign

Oftentimes, the success of a sale or a new business platform depends largely upon the success of a company’s preceding marketing campaign. Here are some tips that can help you achieve success in your online campaigns.

  • Make sure your website is designed in a manner that is aesthetically pleasing, interactive and user-friendly. A majority of online marketing campaigns lead potential customers directly back to your website, which is only half of the fight. You then need to hold their attention once they are on your page to turn them from potential customers into definite ones.
  • Make sure you include a contact page on your website with extensive contact information that is easy to follow. It’s best, if possible, to list a phone number and a customer service email in addition to a message box if you choose to have one.
  • Try to localize your campaign. For instance, companies that are based in New York should reference relevant local terms, locations and customs.

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The Basics of Offset Printing

Offset Printing is a method of printing where a technique is used that spreads ink on a metal plate that is covered in etchings. The ink is then transferred to an intermediary material, such as a rubber blanket or another in-between material that is less permanent than metal but more permanent than paper.  Once this step has been fulfilled, the ink is once again transferred, this time to paper by pressing the paper against the middle material.

This method is commonly used to create orders for a lot of high quality documents, such as certificates or high quality brochures. Since special technology is necessary to complete the process, it is cheaper and easier for companies to order their offset printing products from a printing service rather than invest in the ability to print this way themselves.

Also, once the equipment is on site, such as with specialized printing shops, prints can be created quickly and at low cost, meaning you save time and money.

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