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A Guide to Ink Coverage

A Guide to Ink Coverage

We work with many talented companies everyday, and while each of them has all of the skills and personnel to design amazingly creative print ads with effective elements, many of them ask us for tips on how to improve their ads from a printing perspective. One of the best tips we always provide is to avoid unnecessary ink saturation by evening out ink coverage on their custom poster, custom banner or other print ad. If too much ink is concentrated on one spot of your print ad, issues can arise that range from smudging, to warping, to delays in printing time and beyond. Heavy ink layers can muddy your final images, but luckily this kind of saturation can be easily avoided.

If you are using black and white booklet printing or other black and white printing services, ink saturation is much simpler. The darker areas will be roughly 90 percent saturated, while the lighter white areas are typically five to 15 percent saturated. You need to worry about saturation when printing in full color since four different colors are layered on top of each other. For instance, if each color is layered on top of each other at 50 percent, you have 200 percent saturation. You will most likely start to see problems on the areas that have 260 percent saturation and above.

Using many common design programs, you can usually check your total area coverage before sending your print ad to us and find the areas where coverage is 260 percent or higher.

If you are using Adobe Acrobat, open the file; open output preview, located under print production tools; and click the total area coverage box. Now you can see the problem areas and adjust the levels. Many similar design programs work the same way.

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Marketers and Sellers Should Work Together

Marketers and Sellers Should Work Together

The RAIN group released a study recently that indicates leading sellers collaborate with marketers much more often than second-rate sellers do. Here are three reasons why your business will do better overall if your sellers communicate regularly with your marketing department:

  1. In most companies, the marketing department is responsible for analyzing customer responses and advising the rest of the company on what they can do to improve customer satisfaction. This includes creating custom posters and custom banners that accurately address any negative feedback, ordering updated material from brochure makers, developing reports on customer surveys, and more. Sellers are responsible for communicating directly with customers. If these two departments collaborate, you will find there is a smoother flow of information, directly from the customer, through to your marketing campaigns, and thus, back again to your sales.
  1. Sellers must be able to convince buyers that they will receive worthwhile rewards if they patronize your business. When marketing is able to create client-result case studies to demonstrate these worthwhile results, a seller can better show buyers how these results are possible and how similar results to those shown in the case study are possible for them in particular.
  1. Marketing departments are good at communicating how the company is better than other companies, since this is essentially their job in ad campaigns. Thus, they can help show sellers how to communicate this directly to buyers on an individual, in-person basis. This helps sellers master competitive positioning and connect with a buyer, faster and more effectively.
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Static Cling for Fall

Static Clings are some of the best products digital printing services have to offer for marketing campaigns, in part because of their diversity. They can be simple or complex in design, without changing the difficulty of printing and pricing, too much, and can add a sprinkle of interest and layering to a window display, or they can constitute the entire display, depending on size and complexity.

These are also one of our favorite designs for fall. You can order falling leaves to decorate your window, a bare tree with leaves to attach that you can slowly remove as the weather changes, pumpkins to layer on the bottom of your window display, or any other number of fun fall items and designs. They are quick, simple, affordable, and add a big pop to your fall window display.

If you are focusing on a branding campaign for fall, you can also opt to order window clings that have your company logo or your company name, so that you can hand them out to customers for them to put on their car windows, home windows, and more. Since they can be ordered from Large Format Digital Printing Services, in orders ranging from a couple dozen window stickers to several hundred or more, you can obtain window clings to fit almost any purpose.

If you are having trouble deciding on a design, you can always call 1-718-361-2299 and speak to an expert designer at Apple Visual Graphics. We are always happy to answer questions and point you in the right direction.

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Unique Fall Marketing Ideas

Even though summer will still be in full swing for another month and a half, it’s time to start planning and ordering your fall marketing materials, from custom posters, to custom banners, to vinyl signs and beyond. Here are a few fall marketing ideas for small businesses that you may find useful as you craft your next campaign.

  • Begin by identifying what sales and specials you will be offering in the summer, and then choose a slogan or two that go along with your sales. For instance, if you sell clothes or school supplies, back-to-school is a popular theme. Fall Fest or Fall in Love can also be successful, since they capitalize on the season and bring to mind warm feelings of the festivities of the season.
  • Once you’ve established your base message, choose your colors. Summer is great for bright colors, but fall has a lovely warm color pallet that puts people in a cheery, warm mood. Go for burnt orange, warm oranges and yellows, all shades of brown, and use red accents and dark greens. If you live in a city where high schools are big, you could also use the high school colors to bring in the back-to-school crowd.
  • One great way to get your sale information and branding information out quickly and in good spirit is by teaming up with a charity. Many charities host galas and fundraising events during the fall, so it’s a perfect time to start a charitable relationship with a nonprofit organization. By the same token, you could team up with the local school booster clubs or PTA organizations.
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Booklet Printing Tips

When it comes to designing and printing professional marketing material, such as booklets, there are many things to consider throughout the process. Here are some considerations to think about as you work to design and order your new booklets.

  • In designing your booklet, it is best to use full color. Choose colors that are complementary but catchy, such as all primary colors, or softer pastels like rose and mint green. Whatever colors you choose, make sure they look aesthetically pleasing, so people will be more inclined to pick up your booklet. The same rules apply for poster printing and custom banners.
  • Make sure to design using standard paper size, or to specify the custom paper size or shape you want, in requesting your quote, so that you get an accurate price.
  • Run a test print on your office printer to make sure that important information or sections of the images don’t run on the folds of your booklet. It would be a much bigger frustration to receive your booklets and find them poorly designed, than to redesign before placing the order.
  • When it comes to booklet printing, make sure you have a reliable, local company that offers competitive prices and high quality, and also check that you find one that has an on-time delivery guarantee and has experience in printing booklets. Professional printers are always better, when it comes to ordering booklets, as they know everything that goes into printing and assembling booklets, and have equipment to print them at a much higher quality than you will be able to.
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