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Bookbinding: To Perfect Bind or to Saddle Stitch?

Book Bindings

Let’s start with the saddle stitch bindingSaddle Stitching is also known as Saddle Stapling for the machine, the saddle, on which is it placed and then stitched (sewn) or stapled on, hence Saddle Stitching or Saddle Stapling. read more

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CMYK and Spot Colors

CMYK Printing

Whenever you send a file to your printer, the files, whether Adobe or Illustrator or Quark, will have CMYK values embedded in the image.  CMYK refers to the read more

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Wide Format Printing – What is it Good For?

Wide Format PrintingAbsolutely Everything!

Since wide format printers use rolls of material instead of single sheets, they can produce almost any size project, even if it is just sheets of 1” diameter stickers.  Although this is not the typical use of a wide format printer, it is certainly a possible use.  read more

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Can You Identify a Banner?

Retractable and Hanging Banners

How many people feel they really know what a banner is; that they could easily fall into a print procurement job at any corporation and understand what to order for what situations?  Let’s make this easy:

If you have a red carpet event in NYC and need to have a back drop with sponsor logos for photo ops, what you want is a step and repeat bannerread more

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Wedding Invite Printing


Printed Wedding Invitations


Just ask your local florist; just about every season is wedding season.  And wedding season means meticulous preparation from wedding planners, bridezillas and soon to be mothers in law.  read more

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