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Options for Durable, Professional In-Store Posters

Information that is going to be displayed in-store needs to be printed on material that is thick, professional-looking and durable, and Apple Visual Graphics offers several options, when it comes to creating lasting, in-store posters.

The first option involves ceiling danglers. These are perfect for holiday advertising or other information, such as aisle inventories in grocery stores, and, since they are hung high enough that people can’t touch them, they don’t need to be made from material that is super-durable and expensive. They are simple, inexpensive and arrive quickly after they are ordered.

Another option is Direct to Board printing, which prints information directly onto a selection of foam, card stock and Masonite mounting materials, instead of printing it on paper and gluing it onto these materials. By printing directly on sturdy materials, your posters will stand up longer and look more professional.

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Bus Shelter Advertising is Another Unique Method to Brand

Advertising on bus shelters can often be more effective, than on billboards, because there is a captive audience with nothing better to do than read the ads around them while they are waiting for public transportation. Since people spend more time looking at these advertisements, you have a great opportunity to write longer ads and create a longer message that will create a lasting impression.

Another advantage here lies in the fact that you can access specific information about your audience and thus customize your advertising for that demographic. Bus shelter ads can be combined with other types of advertising, to create a very successful ad campaign, such as taxi top ads or posters on other types of public transportation, like on the subway or on buses. This way you target the same demographic with complementary advertising, to reinforce your message.

Since Apple Visual Graphics is a local New York company, we know all of the local sizes and regulations and can make expanding into this type of advertising easy.

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How to Make Business Cards Interesting

While business cards are good for networking, they also have the least success in branding campaigns, because they are cheap and don’t have much cultural value attached to them, making it easy for people to take one and then toss it in the trash. There are ways to make people want to hold on to your business card, though, and here are a few of the easiest ways:

  • First, you want your business card to look professional, but you also want it to actually reflect your company. Don’t have a bright pink business card, if you are a serious divorce attorney.
  • Have a distinct logo that is unique and catchy-looking.
  • Have a picture, whether it’s a decorative photo that covers the entire background, or a photo of yourself if that is appropriate.
  • Black and white is boring, so print your cards in color.
  • Print on both sides of the card and keep the main information to one side. The second side should usually have a logo or a memorable decorative photo.
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We Can Help When You’re In a Time Crunch

In a perfect world, you’re able to foresee events and advertising needs, order the printed products you need within plenty of time, and even receive them early. This doesn’t always happen, though. Sometimes, things pop up, unforeseen, or they just slip through the cracks, and you find yourself needing banners, posters or items to hand out — as soon as eight hours before an event.

Those in the New York area are in luck, though, because Apple Visual Graphics understands that life doesn’t always go as smoothly as we would like it to. To help ease those moments where things come up unexpectedly, or when you’ve simply forgotten, we offer printing and shipping on the same day, the next day and on Saturdays, at affordable rates. You may not have as much time as you’d like, but, even in rushed situations, we will help you craft the perfect product and get it in place with time to spare.

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Attention: Mall and Airport Executives

In settings where there are a lot of destinations for a lot of people, there is nothing more important than providing good, easy-to-read maps. While both malls and airports have a standard for their directories, that doesn’t mean you can’t customize it, if you have an idea that you think will make it more effective.

Since both malls and airports are so visually stimulating and busy, it’s important to provide directories that are simple, and easy to understand and follow. Getting lost in these environments can be easy, so make life easier for your customers by giving them simple maps. Instead of just printed brochures and posters, you can also order Duratrans illuminated displays. These are common, at both airports and malls, because they stand out from the busy business background and literally light the way. Scaffolding wraps are also popular, since construction is common and they can be reused to cover up the unsightly renovations that need to take place.

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