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Does Custom Cutting Make a Big Difference?

If you are ordering a product for a space that is a unique shape or size, such as a car or a building wrap or even an oddly sized billboard, custom cutting is usually a must. Ordering your product custom cut will make it look neat and professional once it’s applied, and it also allows customers to look at the actual message instead of becoming preoccupied with the poor fit.

In fact, many people underestimate how distracting a poor fit can be. If there are wrinkles or the product is too small or too long in certain parts and clearly wasn’t made for the space, customers will either only notice the flaws or they will remember your company for having a poor ad, regardless of the quality of the content.

Even though custom cutting costs a little bit more, you will find the extra expense is worth it in the end.

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What Sets Telephone Kiosks Apart from Other Types of Advertising?

Although telephone kiosk advertisements are similar in form to building wraps, vehicle wraps and street pole banners, they are able to improve eye-level interaction better than any of these other types of advertising. When the design is done well, the ad comes off as bold and eye catching, and the customers and passers-by often are forced to stop and look.

If you don’t have experience in designing catchy, successful telephone kiosks, the team of expert designers and printers at Apple Visual Graphics can help you to create an advertising masterpiece, whether it is being drawn from current advertising campaigns or you are starting from scratch. Keep in mind where the telephone kiosk that you will be wrapping is located, because the ones that are meant to be outside will differ from those few that are inside.

Since Apple Visual Graphics is based in New York, many of the current clients favor telephone kiosks due to the heavy traffic, number of commuters and tourism industry that exists there.

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Brochures vs. Sales Sheets

Both brochures and sales sheets can be useful, but each tends to be more useful in different situations. It’s good to know a little bit more about each before deciding which to design and order.

Often, sales sheets and brochures have similar information in them, but they are presented and perceived differently. Brochures tend to be folded, providing for a different design, and handed out in less formal settings – like at industry shows and other events. Sales Sheets are usually one flat piece of paper and are given out at trade shows and to potential clients and partners at meetings.

Since sales sheets are often flat and unfolded, they are easy to transport. They also don’t carry the stigma that you would find with brochures. Whereas potential partners and customers may see a brochure as advertising, they are more likely to see a sales sheet as information.

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Capture an Artsy Audience with Custom Wallpaper and Mural Printing

Murals are a great way to advertise because not only are they entirely adaptive and customizable, but they also work for almost any industry in a huge range of settings. They can combine art and beauty with an advertising message and reach potential customers in a more subtle, friendly way than other more in-your-face types of advertisements. They are particularly effective on those with more artistic interests and younger people.

If you don’t own a business and are merely looking to decorate your home, murals and large custom wallpapers can also be created as the centerpiece for any room in your home. Murals such as these are durable and provide unique, relatively inexpensive decoration that kids and adults alike will enjoy. They are also safe for children since they can’t fall or be pulled off the wall, and since color and size can be customized, you can create a work of art that exactly suits your needs.

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How Postcards Can Improve Mailing Campaign Success

Several characteristics of postcards make them a great tool for businesses, and many businesses have found more success with postcards than other types of correspondence.

First, the customer doesn’t have to open anything. Envelopes are easy to toss without opening, since they are viewed as junk mail, and emails are similarly easy to delete. With postcards, though — when customers take their mail out of the mail box and look at it — they already have an idea of the message, since they look at the message directly, and not an envelope. They may still be discarded, but the message is received, first.

They are also one of the most versatile, adaptable methods of communication and advertising, since they can be adapted for sale announcements, coupons, short or long campaigns, and much more. They can also be given out to customers for personal use, thus promoting your business and establishing your brand.

Apple Visual Graphics offers postcards in custom shapes, with foiling, perforation, lamination, die cutting, and more. Call, today, for a quote and more information.

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