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Should You Rebrand?

Should You Rebrand?

Establishing your brand can take a lot of time, effort and money, initially, and once you have a solid brand, you may not want to start all over again by re-branding yourself. Here is something to think about, though: Since you already have a brand that is established, you aren’t starting from scratch. While the appearance and platform may change, the company and products or services will stay the same, so your loyal customer base will remain, but it will most likely change when you reveal a new, attractive upgrade.

Think about some big name companies that are well established, and think about how many changes they’ve made in the past few years. Take Windows, for example. They recently updated their image to include sleek new stores that resemble Apple stores; their new operating system is entirely different; and their advertisements have an entirely different, younger mood. Underneath the branding, Windows still offers the same basic products, but their re-branding has allowed them to revitalize their company and attract a whole new set of customers, thus expanding their customer base.

If you are going to rebrand, make sure you get creative. Make sure you use postcard printing services, brochure makers and custom posters, like usual, but also make sure that your new image is young, timely, and fits in with current marketing trends. If you rebrand yourself with the trends of the early 2000s, you will still look outdated. Look at clean designs, simple challenges, bright colors or warm fall colors, and try to make your ads and brand interactive for a younger crowd.

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Tips for Creating Effective Print Ads

Tips for Creating Effective Print Ads

People see literally hundreds of print adds a day on Duratrans, vinyl signs, custom posters and more, which means many people are now all but immune to the power of print advertising. To break through their mental filters, you need to be sure that your ad is dynamic, powerful and different. Here are a few tips to help you reach the audience you want, in a manner that will be effective:

  1. Headline: It starts with the headline; the largest piece of text on your ad. Make sure the headline has stopping power, so that people stop what they are doing to read it, and then, hopefully, read the text below it to find out more. A good way to do this is to issue a broad challenge — challenge a commonly accepted belief, or ask a thoughtful, but short question.
  1. Focus: Make sure the ad focuses on your consumer, not your company. People are inherently selfish, meaning they want to know how your product or service will affect and improve their life, not how long it took you to develop it.
  1. Uniformity: Make sure the entire ad is uniform and presents one message. If it stretches in three different directions, your potential clients will walk away confused, with no single, focused message or product in mind, and will forget your ad. Your text, images and overall design should all work together toward one, clearly-articulated end. If you are having trouble with this step, take your ad back to the drawing board, and choose a focus for the campaign, which you can then keep in mind while writing.
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More Successful Marketing Campaigns

In our last blog, we outlined three of the most memorable marketing campaigns from the 2000s, onward, and the elements of each that made them remarkable. Here are three more campaigns that have qualities you may want to emulate in order to have a particularly successful campaign:

  • The Man Your Man Could Smell Like campaign from Old Spice in 2010 was particularly successful because it used sex appeal and humor to reinvigorate an older brand. The spokesperson appealed to both men and women, and was able to engage with them on and offline, and the ads were shown frequently, since they were shorter and were very shareable, which encouraged people to send the ads to their friends. Even though they sent them for the humor, the brand was still promoted.
  • The Mini Cooper’s Let’s Motor campaign took the Mini Cooper from having a brand awareness of only 2% in the US, and made it one of the top-selling cars in the US. The campaign focused on a single point that made the car different and better than the other cars that were available, namely the gas-efficiency, and cleared a new path in marketing by declaring it was a sexy, cool car, instead of appealing to people to give it that status.
  • Brand Artisan Entertainment’s Blair Witch Project campaign was one of the first viral marketing campaigns online, and was much more successful than if the producers had stuck to more traditional custom posters and custom banners. Even though it was shot on a small budget, the film ended up making more than $250 million, because it convinced people that the horror stories were real. Like the True Blood campaign, this one used great storytelling to make up for a low budget, and brought people further into the fictional world that had been created.
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Successful Marketing Campaigns

The best marketing campaigns tend to have an element that is shocking, pushes the status quo, challenges some construct of society in a subtle way,and  is innovative or different in some way. Here are some of the most successful ad campaigns from the past, with a rundown of the reasons why they worked:

  • The Pepsi Refresh Project in 2010 was particularly successful because it changed its advertising face after sticking to a certain image for more than 20 years, and involved a social service project that encouraged people to give back. Ultimately, this wasn’t the most successful for Pepsi since the “Do Good” project had nothing to do with the brand, but it is one that was unique and is widely remembered.
  • The 2009 Burger King free Whopper campaign was a particularly successful campaign. The campaign involved a Facebook app that enabled you to get a free whopper for unfriending ten of your friends. The app notified each person that was unfriended, and it was closed on the basis that it violated user privacy, but more than 20,000 whoppers were given away. Ultimately, the campaign was successful because, in addition to utilizing custom posters and custom banners and other offset printing products, it also used a very simple call to action.
  • The initial HBO True Blood marketing campaign was wildly successful because it targeted an audience that was incredibly passionate about the subject matter covered in the show, in a way that utilized excellent storytelling. Instead of creating ads that told people when and where to watch the show, the marketing campaign wove the plot into people’s everyday lives by creating PSA posters supporting vampire rights, creating a drink that supposedly allowed vampires to live among humans, and inviting passionate bloggers to a “vampires-only” website.
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Easy Ways to Increase Brand Awareness

Branding campaigns are an important part of owning and operating a successful business, but they can also be baffling if you don’t have professional branding experience, already. For instance, you may have established your company well within your own industry, or in a certain geographic area, but expanding beyond those familiar boundaries can be as difficult as starting over.  Here are a few easy-to-implement tips for successfully breaking out of your bubble and increasing brand awareness.

  1. Start by crafting a succinct, clear mission statement that tells customers why they should patronize you and why your company exists.
  1. Create a shorter tagline that can be the motto of your campaign. Make sure it is consistent with your mission statement.
  1. Develop regular press releases to send to the media and post on your website. These indicate you are current, and that you are consistently expanding your business.
  1. Begin writing a newsletter, and deliver it to your customers and competitors, either through the mail or through email.
  1. Diversify your marketing, media and PR, so that you can reach clients in all of the markets where they may be, not just within your industry.
  1. Attend or host at least two local and/or national industry conferences a year. Also, try to speak to local groups. This way, you generate goodwill and become known as the expert in the area on postcard printing, offset printing, booklet printing, or whatever else you speak about.
  1. Get to know potential teaming partners and competitors in the new industry or area where you are expanding. Networking is important, and can lend your business legitimacy in a new area.
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