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Custom Holiday Banners Continued

The holidays are here, which means you have many opportunities to incorporate festive, fun decorations with your advertisements and to cater to a Christmas crowd of customers. In our last blog, we gave you tips about selecting a type of banner, a color theme and a theme for your shapes and graphics. Here are a few more tips for creating the perfect custom banners for the holidays:

  • When designing your banners, make sure they are designed in a manner that is consistent with your other advertising elements, including custom posters and vinyl signs. Many of the designs lend themselves perfectly to posters, as well as banners, since the shapes are so similar.
  • Fonts are more important than you may imagine, and, believe it or not, there are certain fonts that are associated with the holiday season. Think of storybook fonts, and more intricate Santa’s-list-type fonts. If you use these, make sure your text is minimal, so that customers can still easily read what you’ve written. We also recommend going with a black font, unless you choose a dark green, dark red or darker silver font if you want to have a more festive color.
  • Finally, consider where you are placing your banners. You want them to be in a place where they will look like Christmas decorations, but are still in plain sight and are easy to read and consume. If you have pop up banners, place them in a clear space in your store. If you have hanging banners with a stand, select a spot where they won’t be easily knocked over.
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Christmas Stickers and Labels

Christmas Stickers and Labels

Stickers can be useful in many areas of your workplace, from labeling products, to elevating marketing materials, and beyond. As the holiday season kicks it into full gear, however, you have the opportunity to use stickers to generate even more customer satisfaction and build your brand awareness. Here are a few ways you can use stickers this holiday season:

  • Order Christmas labels that people can use to label their gifts. These are a relatively inexpensive item to purchase and are one of the best give-away items for this time of year. Make sure you order several different designs to give customers variety.
  • Use stickers that have a holiday design and your company name to label marketing materials and make your normal materials more festive. This helps save you from having to order a whole new set of materials from brochure makers or booklet printing services, but still allows you to get into the spirit of the season.
  • Order new, Christmas themed labels for postcards or other marketing materials you send to your customers. These labels will help take your materials past standard marketing materials, and will help you stand out this season.

One of the keys to successful marketing is being different than your competitors, and what better way to accomplish just this while being accessible and festive at the same time than ordering stickers? Whether you are using them yourself, selling them or giving them away, your customers will notice and appreciate the extra effort on your part.

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The Best of 2013 Continued

The key to successful marketing is creativity, as we demonstrated with two particularly successful 2013 ad campaigns in our previous blog. Here are several more campaigns that took the standard duratrans ads and vinyl signs to the next level of emotional connection:

  • Senador Volstead is a beer company in Spain that started a very innovative marketing campaign themed around 1920s prohibition. The theme for the marketing campaign arises from the name’s origin, as Senador Volstead was the Spanish senator who decreed the beginning of 1920s prohibition. To capture this theme, the website first appears to sell teddy bears, and there is a theme that reads “Shop where nothing is what it seems. Yes, you are where you have to be.” Once you resize the browser, you get the real beer website. This ad campaign is certainly different, and draws customers in with the novelty and the feeling of doing something forbidden.
  • The #lowesfixinsix campaign is similarly innovative. This campaign uses Vine videos to demonstrate simple solutions to regular problems that their customers have. The solution videos are only six seconds long, and use products that can be purchased at Lowes for low prices. This campaign is particularly innovative and successful, as it uses popular social media to connect with customers. By using a forum that is not typically associated with advertising, Lowes is able to connect with customers on a whole different level. People are less likely to write off their marketing material as ads, because they reach them on a more personal level.
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Last Minute Black Friday Marketing

Last Minute Black Friday Marketing

It may be too late to design and order custom posters, custom banners or Duratrans, and have them in time for Black Friday, but there are other ways you can reach your customers to keep them updated on your sales and stock for Black Friday this year. Perhaps the best way to do this is by launching an email marketing campaign. Here are a few tips to make sure your customers open your emails and are excited about their content:

  • Try to craft emails that are different than the norm. Consider adding an animated GIF to your email, designing your email so that it is fresh and visually appealing, or issuing a challenge to your customers.
  • Make sure you use special sayings, or mention discounts in the subject line, to avoid being sent straight to the spam or recycle folder. It isn’t always enough to send a generic email listing your new products. You need to make them look appealing enough that customers want to click, read and visit.
  • If you haven’t had very much success in the past with email marketing, maybe you should add a mobile option. In fact, a majority of people who read your emails are most likely reading them on a smartphone. If your email isn’t formatted in a way that is compatible with phones, they are unlikely to read them.
  • Make sure you test your email before sending it out to your customers. This helps you avoid any mistakes in the text or the formatting, and ensures that your email doesn’t accidentally spam your customers with hundreds of emails.
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Get More for Less

If you are looking to get more out of your brand, increase customer awareness and grow your business, there are many inexpensive marketing techniques you can use to your advantage. Custom posters and custom banners always work well, as do printing freebies with postcard printing services, but we encourage you to expand to other more abstract methods to attract a larger customer base.

  • Increase your community’s awareness of your company by giving back to a local charity or organization. Make sure you volunteer there, instead of just donating money, so you have a chance to interact with community members, and they can see you actually giving back.
  • Online marketing groups are a great way to discuss marketing techniques, and trials and errors that other companies in your industry have tried. This can help you grow your knowledge and experience, without you having to try, and err, again and again, yourself.
  • Make sure you keep your current customers happy by rewarding them with discounts or give-away items every once in a while. While you definitely want to try to bring in more customers, it is equally important to keep the ones you already have, and make sure they remain as loyal as they have been in the past.
  • Give your website a face lift and make sure you make it as current and user-friendly as you can, when you do. You want people who visit to be compelled to stay and look around, instead of searching for a more interesting, updated site to peruse.
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