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Why Use Offset Printing

Offset printing is a type of printing that involves transferring an image from a rubber-blanketed metal cylinder to the paper instead of printing surface, and there are several advantages to offset printing that make it preferable to digital printing in several situations. Here are a few of those advantages.

  • While digital printing is a bit faster and cheaper, offset printing still yields the best results. The computer-to-plate and then plate-to-paper process is incredibly precise, which helps to minimize, if not eliminate entirely, any blurring or smearing.
  • This technology is slightly more versatile, which means you have more choices as far as print materials. This includes specialized inks, added finishes, different types of printer and custom sized paper.
  • Since this technology uses many different colors of ink, it can color match exactly to almost any color. Digital printing uses a blend of four colors for every print, meaning the color matching isn’t quite the same as it is with offset printing.
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Target Tourists

With summer in full swing, tourists are flocking to big cities for vacations in larger numbers, as are college students who managed to land internships in the city. This means you might want to change your target audience slightly to include tourists.

One ideal way to target the influx of people is by utilizing a postcard printing service and making your postcards available in several tourist heavy locations. For instance, if you live in New York City, try making a deal with one of several tourist locations, like Ellis Island or Carnegie Hall, where you pay them to sell your postcards or let you place them as free items in the lobby.

You could also design custom posters advertising your new postcards, with a number to text or a website to visit where tourists can get postcards for a fee or for free. Postcards are portable, attractive souvenirs, and are a perfect way to target the summer influx of tourists.

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Static Cling

Summer is here and it’s time to freshen your window displays! Not only will there be more people about than usual, but people also tend to be in a mood to shop more than usual. One easy way to update your windows and catch people’s attention is by adding static clings to your order when you purchase your new summer custom posters and banners.

Static clings can be used over and over again and are an easy way to add a pop of color to areas of your window display that may often be blank since they are weightless and can attach to any part of the window, no matter how high or out of the way.

There are two main options to choose between when it comes to cling designs:

  1. Design a static cling that has an advertisement on it, like your logo, “summer sale,” or another company-related message or word.
  1. Design a colorful, decorative cling that helps make your window look more appealing, like colored dots or palm trees.

Whichever you do, consider giving them away with sales to promote customer loyalty and word-of-mouth advertising.

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Creative Brochure Design Ideas

Brochures are a very valuable advertising and marketing tool, and when ordered from an economic, quality brochure maker, they give companies an inexpensive but effective method to reach customers. Here are some design ideas to help you while you are compiling your company’s next brochure.

  • Simplicity – This doesn’t mean that you have to design a minimalist brochure, but it does mean that you should eliminate any distracting elements on your design. You want people to get to the message easily, not be distracted by a handful of decorative design elements that do little but detract from the point.
  • Color – When possible, print your brochure in color. You can use black and white effectively, but color is much more likely to catch people’s eyes than simple black and white is.
  • Illustrations: Using photos, diagrams and drawings are important since they help hold focus and break up the text on your brochure. Play around with placement as well – it’s okay if photos are only part on the page as long as it looks good and the relevant portion of the photo is on the brochure.
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Does Custom Cutting Make a Big Difference?

If you are ordering a product for a space that is a unique shape or size, such as a car or a building wrap or even an oddly sized billboard, custom cutting is usually a must. Ordering your product custom cut will make it look neat and professional once it’s applied, and it also allows customers to look at the actual message instead of becoming preoccupied with the poor fit.

In fact, many people underestimate how distracting a poor fit can be. If there are wrinkles or the product is too small or too long in certain parts and clearly wasn’t made for the space, customers will either only notice the flaws or they will remember your company for having a poor ad, regardless of the quality of the content.

Even though custom cutting costs a little bit more, you will find the extra expense is worth it in the end.

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