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Table Tents

The key to a successful marketing campaign is diversity, and table tent cards are an excellent way to mix up your print advertisements and get people talking about your business. Most offset printing services, Apple Visual Graphics included, will print them for you at a low cost, and offer a range of papers, finishes and laminations to make your table tents more durable.

Table tents are a relatively unique form of advertising since they reach people at a time where many other advertisements do not: when they are eating out. Televisions may be on in the background, but not everyone will watch the commercials actively enough for them to be effective. If you own a restaurant or food business, these are particularly effective, and can easily be added to your order for menu printing or vinyl signs. You also will not have to pay to display them, as you already own the advertising space.

If you have ever eaten at a table with a table tent, though, you know how irresistible the urge to pick up the ad and read it is. Over 80 percent of customers who sit down at a table with a table tent will read the advertisement, and many will also discuss the contents included in it. Since these tents have three sides, you can highlight different specials you are running or features of your products and services.

We recommend making them as attractive and simple as possible so people can consume the contents quickly; make your website or phone number large and easy to find; include your business logo in a larger size, along with your company name; and keep the text to a minimum. The most successful print ads are those that efficiently utilize images, and table tents are no exception.

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Should You Rebrand?

Should You Rebrand?

Establishing your brand can take a lot of time, effort and money, initially, and once you have a solid brand, you may not want to start all over again by re-branding yourself. Here is something to think about, though: Since you already have a brand that is established, you aren’t starting from scratch. While the appearance and platform may change, the company and products or services will stay the same, so your loyal customer base will remain, but it will most likely change when you reveal a new, attractive upgrade.

Think about some big name companies that are well established, and think about how many changes they’ve made in the past few years. Take Windows, for example. They recently updated their image to include sleek new stores that resemble Apple stores; their new operating system is entirely different; and their advertisements have an entirely different, younger mood. Underneath the branding, Windows still offers the same basic products, but their re-branding has allowed them to revitalize their company and attract a whole new set of customers, thus expanding their customer base.

If you are going to rebrand, make sure you get creative. Make sure you use postcard printing services, brochure makers and custom posters, like usual, but also make sure that your new image is young, timely, and fits in with current marketing trends. If you rebrand yourself with the trends of the early 2000s, you will still look outdated. Look at clean designs, simple challenges, bright colors or warm fall colors, and try to make your ads and brand interactive for a younger crowd.

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Successful Marketing Campaigns

The best marketing campaigns tend to have an element that is shocking, pushes the status quo, challenges some construct of society in a subtle way,and  is innovative or different in some way. Here are some of the most successful ad campaigns from the past, with a rundown of the reasons why they worked:

  • The Pepsi Refresh Project in 2010 was particularly successful because it changed its advertising face after sticking to a certain image for more than 20 years, and involved a social service project that encouraged people to give back. Ultimately, this wasn’t the most successful for Pepsi since the “Do Good” project had nothing to do with the brand, but it is one that was unique and is widely remembered.
  • The 2009 Burger King free Whopper campaign was a particularly successful campaign. The campaign involved a Facebook app that enabled you to get a free whopper for unfriending ten of your friends. The app notified each person that was unfriended, and it was closed on the basis that it violated user privacy, but more than 20,000 whoppers were given away. Ultimately, the campaign was successful because, in addition to utilizing custom posters and custom banners and other offset printing products, it also used a very simple call to action.
  • The initial HBO True Blood marketing campaign was wildly successful because it targeted an audience that was incredibly passionate about the subject matter covered in the show, in a way that utilized excellent storytelling. Instead of creating ads that told people when and where to watch the show, the marketing campaign wove the plot into people’s everyday lives by creating PSA posters supporting vampire rights, creating a drink that supposedly allowed vampires to live among humans, and inviting passionate bloggers to a “vampires-only” website.
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Why Use Duratrans?

Duratrans are lighted displays originally created by Kodak that offer companies a unique, vibrant alternative for advertising their brand, products or services. Many companies choose to use Duratrans, in addition to custom banners and poster printing services, to have a complete, well-rounded advertising campaign. Here are several reasons why you should consider using Duratrans in your next advertising or branding campaign:

  • The Duratrans light box displays were created to showcase large-format, full-color photographic pieces. The light passes through the image, making the entire sheet glow. The colors look more vibrant, the entire image stands out to passers-by, and the advertisement can be changed out so you can keep your marketing current.
  • The Duratrans boxes are able to offer such high quality images because they print with a resolution as high as 4000 dpi, and the pixel size is very small. The Duratrans sheets are printed using a process similar to stochastic screening, resulting in crisp edges in your image, smoother color transitions, and better details.
  • Duratrans has a higher life expectancy than other similar technologies, allowing you to use the same image, either for a long time, or many times over, again.
  • The technologies used to print Duratrans images use higher saturation in the colors and greater opacity in the color black, resulting in crisp, sharp images that have depth and shadow to them in addition to light. Whether you want to light your entire image or just a small, relevant section, Duratrans is the perfect choice for you.
  • Duratrans can be put to many uses, including public marketing and advertising, fine art, educational displays, maps and other such location services, trade shot displays or demonstrations and more. You also have the freedom to change how you use your display once you purchase it.
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Don’t Forget Your Windows

One product of offset printing that is particularly useful in branding and marketing campaigns is the vehicle wrap. This type of marketing is often underutilized or poorly designed, but, when used properly, they can bring an astounding amount of business to your company, for several reasons.

People begin to grow slightly immune to the more common types of advertising that they see every day. Take billboards, for instance. While they are still very useful, they are not as useful as they once were, since people have become accustomed to them and often choose not to read them. When a car passes someone on the freeway with a custom vehicle wrap advertising your company, products or services, though, people instantly take note and read the information. Since we aren’t as used to seeing advertisements on cars, we are more likely to take note and pay attention to the information being presented.

Also, since cars are mobile, they also act as a moving billboard, which allows them to reach many more customers than advertisements that are stationary do. This is especially true in big cities like New York, where each block contains several hundred potential customers. Being able to drive your ad buy many different blocks can be very beneficial. This being said, a car wrap that is poorly designed will be no more effective than a poorly designed billboard. Make sure your wraps are vivid, catchy, and visually appealing.

In planning your next marketing campaign or expanding your branding campaign, make sure you still order custom banners and custom posters, but also consider diversifying your ads and purchasing several vehicle wraps to place on your car oryour company cars, or to pay customers to place on their cars.

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