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Key Factors to Consider While Designing Banner Stands

Banner stands are one of the popular marketing tools to promote a brand whether it is at a trade show, an exhibition, a conference, or at the place of business. They come in various options like retractable, pop-up, outdoor, and step and repeat banner stands.

As the banner stand gives the outside world a direct visual impression of your brand, you have to make sure that it is perfect. There are certain factors that you need to consider while designing banner stands. Here they are:

  • Color scheme

Selection of color schemes is very important while designing banner stands. It can either make or break your efforts. Make sure you keep it simple, clear and readable.

Select colors keeping in mind your company’s niche, target audience and make sure it fits with your overall brand image. Consider using colors that are similar to your logo and branding, as it is your identity and your customers will relate and connect to it.

  • Text and font

After you have decided on which color to choose, the next and most important thing to consider is the text and font to be used on the banner stand. Make sure the text is clear, concise and easy to read so that it attracts attention from a distance.

When choosing font style and size, try to keep it consistent. Remember a consistent brand identity promotes brand image. The font should be readable and stick to a minimum of two different fonts.

  • Images / graphics

You must have heard this many a times, ‘A picture is worth a thousand words’. Images play a vital role in capturing the attention of the viewer. They portray the quality of service your brand offers.

When designing banner stands use images/graphics that can help get your message across. It is appreciable to use images that are of a high quality. Since a brand’s reputation is based on its identity, using low quality images will do more damage to your brand than good.

  • Contact details

Now that you are clear on use of color, text, font and images, let’s talk about what information to include in the banner stands. Other than your brand name, products/services you offer, it is very important to include your contact details such as contact number and e-mail address. This will allow visitors to contact you when necessary.

With these considerations in mind, you should be ready to take up the challenge and be able to design banner stands that are right for your brand. While approaching a specialized printing services firm is a good idea, knowing the information yourself will give you the head start you need to prepare an effective banner stand.

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Fly Flags with Your Print Ad Campaign

Spring is a time of growth, color, activity and high spirits. What better way to capture all of this in your spring print advertising campaign than by flying a new company flag? People make a subconscious judgment of your business within 90 seconds of first encountering it, and a large portion of their opinion is based on color. Flying a new, colorful flag will dramatically improve potential customers’ first impressions of your company.

Apple Visual Graphics offers many different sizes and designs for flags, giving you the opportunity to create a custom flag with a catchy image or logo and vibrant colors to capture the attention of any passers-by. Flags are inexpensive, and they are seen by many more people than some other types of print advertisements.

Other colorful ways to capture attention outdoors during spring are custom banners, which work best when printed in bold, complementary colors with a strong logo and company title; custom posters, which can have similar designs to banners but with more information; and vinyl signs that cling to the windows at the front of your business. As usual, remember to choose print advertisements with bright colors, flowers and other active images for spring.

You can also make smaller flags or purely decorative flags available for sale to help customers get caught up in spring fever. These not only help with advertising, but also help stimulate business during these warmer seasons. Call Apple Visual Graphics at 718-361-2200 for more information about ordering custom flags today.

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Offset Printing Terms to Know

Every industry has its own language, with industry-specific terms and lingo. Understanding these terms helps you to better define the product you want, make more informed decisions regarding the orders you place, and better understand the world of digital printing services and offset printing.

Here are a few key terms to help you better understand the products we produce and the options open to you when you are placing your orders:

  • Abrasion Resistance: Abrasion resistance refers to the scratch-resistance of a paper’s or material’s surface. Certain types of paper have higher resistance, while others have lower resistance. For example, lamination raises a material’s abrasion resistance.
  • Accordion Fold: This refers to a certain type of fold in paper where each fold runs in the opposite direction to the previous fold. Certain brochure makers create accordion folds by folding three panels in opposite directions.
  • Bleed: This refers to ink, whether in images or text, continuing across a fold. This is useful when allowing for variations created by reproductions being die-cut or trimmed.
  • Calendar Rolls: These are a series of metal rollers at the end of paper machines. The paper is passed between these and is made more smooth and glossy.
  • Deckle Edge: This kind of edge is created when natural paper is left untrimmed, leaving a soft, feathered appearance.

We recommend looking up a fuller glossary if you have questions as to different paper, finishing and edge options, or any other step in the printing process.

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Postcard Printing

We can handle the printing quality of your product, but in order to create a postcard that you will be able to mail, you need to make sure that the back design of your postcard is compliant with the United States Postal Service guidelines before ordering postcard printing services. These guidelines are all relatively similar, but differ depending on the size of the postcard you are designing.

Guidelines are available for postcards measuring 4.25 by 5.5, 4 by 6, 5.5 by 8.5, 5 by 7, 6 by 9 and 6 by 11 inches, and include elements like return address area, space for postage, the bleed size on the outside edge and the trim size, a safe zone size, an ink free area where the address goes and a barcode area.

If you design a postcard that is perfect in every way but which doesn’t meet one of these major requirements, most offset printing services, Apple Visual Graphics included, will do their best to catch the error and notify you before completing the printing job, but it is best if you can catch it before sending your design to digital printing services.

As far as the front, which is the more important part of your postcard, there are no USPS guidelines. We do have a few recommendations to make sure you get as much out of your design as possible.

  • Minimize copy. People rarely pick postcards for the copy unless it is five words or fewer.
  • Make sure you have strong images or a strong design. Your postcard needs to be attractive and memorable.
  • Make sure you identify your company clearly.
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Table Tents

The key to a successful marketing campaign is diversity, and table tent cards are an excellent way to mix up your print advertisements and get people talking about your business. Most offset printing services, Apple Visual Graphics included, will print them for you at a low cost, and offer a range of papers, finishes and laminations to make your table tents more durable.

Table tents are a relatively unique form of advertising since they reach people at a time where many other advertisements do not: when they are eating out. Televisions may be on in the background, but not everyone will watch the commercials actively enough for them to be effective. If you own a restaurant or food business, these are particularly effective, and can easily be added to your order for menu printing or vinyl signs. You also will not have to pay to display them, as you already own the advertising space.

If you have ever eaten at a table with a table tent, though, you know how irresistible the urge to pick up the ad and read it is. Over 80 percent of customers who sit down at a table with a table tent will read the advertisement, and many will also discuss the contents included in it. Since these tents have three sides, you can highlight different specials you are running or features of your products and services.

We recommend making them as attractive and simple as possible so people can consume the contents quickly; make your website or phone number large and easy to find; include your business logo in a larger size, along with your company name; and keep the text to a minimum. The most successful print ads are those that efficiently utilize images, and table tents are no exception.

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