3 Reasons Your Business Should Utilize Commercial Printing Services

commercial printing servicesAt Apple Visual Graphics, we know the importance of creating and producing the right marketing and branding efforts for any type of business. It’s how you make an impression, get people interested in you, and ultimately sell products and services. That’s why we take our commercial printing services so seriously, because we know it’s our clients that we’re representing with every endeavor.

While the world of digital/online marketing and advertising has exploded in recent years, it’s our belief that these avenues should still make up just one part of your overall marketing efforts. Commercial printing services, like the ones we offer, can be a crucial part of any successful marketing campaign.

Here are three reasons that no matter what business you’re in you should utilize commercial printing services.

  1. Nothing Beats Professional Business Cards: Pop-up ads and social media may be the new way of connecting with people online, but there’s something about a traditional business card that has passed the test of time. In fact, there are still approximately 27,397,260 business cards printed every day. A business card not only provides you with something to give to prospective clients and chance met networking opportunities, but it also demonstrates a certain level of professionalism that can go a long way to someone taking the leap to trust you.
  2. Direct Mail Marketing Works: Direct mail marketing is alive and well. Companies spent an estimated $44.5 billion on direct mail marketing in the U.S. in 2014 alone, which tells you just how strong of a market it still is. It’s one of the best ways to get your content right in front of the people you want to see it the most.
  3. High Quality, Creative Print Stands Out: We see so much on screens these days. But when you actually see a real-life advertisement created through our commercial printing services it really stands out. These sort of high quality materials can make a lasting impression on someone, or thousands of someones. For example, about 84% of Americans will retain a company’s name when they receive promotional gifts with that company’s logo on it. That’s just one benefit of printed materials to keep in mind when working on your next marketing project.

Even though the world is getting more digital by the day, there will always be a place for things like direct mail marketing. And that’s just one of the ways that commercial printing services can help give you a leg up on the competition. Contact us today to find out more.

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