3 Possible Examples of When to Use Offset Custom Printing Services

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Advertising and marketing are big parts of any successful business, which is why it’s no wonder that in the U.S., companies spent an estimated $44.5 billion on direct mail marketing alone in 2014. Creating, producing, and distributing this kind of promotional and informational material can be a great strategy for virtually any type of company, but you’re going to need quality custom printing services at your disposal.

When it comes to custom printing services, Apple Visual Graphics has the skills, materials, and equipment you need to take your business and marketing efforts to the next level. We offer two main types of printing services: digital printing and offset printing.

Because offset custom printing services are often difficult for people to understand at first glance, here are a couple of real-world examples of when it might be a good idea to invest in custom printing services.

  1. New Logo Design: There are approximately 27,397,260 business cards printed each day, each of which has important information and branding. If any of that info or branding changes, you’re going to need new business cards, which is often the case when a company changes its logo. Once you’ve come up with a new logo, though, chances are you won’t be changing it again very soon. Not only would this be impractical, but it might confuse your customers! Offset custom printing services can have your logo design available at a moment’s notice for various types of advertising and material.
  2. Annual Promotional Event: Although you can’t include the actual date of the event, if you’re consistently putting out the same type of material for an event/promotion every year, you might as well keep it in offset stock and simply change the date.
  3. Basic/Introductory Material: No matter what business you’re in, you probably have some type of brochure/informational material that you can hand to people if they want an “elevator pitch” of what it is you do. In fact, 76% of small businesses say their ideal marketing strategy encompasses a combination of both print and digital communication, so having something physical is important. Unless you plan on changing your offerings/services in the near future, this is something that can be created through offset printing and kept by Apple Visual Graphics for anytime you need more of them replenished.

Offset printing services can be incredibly useful and efficient for materials you know you’ll be using for the foreseeable future. These are just a couple of ideas to think about to help better understand why you might want to invest in this form of printing.

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