How 3-D Printing is Changing the Way We Eat

printing companies nycThe printing industry has changed quite a bit in the last decade or so. So much so that digital printing companies all over the world are producing new innovations to the industry all the time. Of small businesses that were surveyed, 76% accounted both print and digital communication as their ideal marketing strategy. Direct mail marketing made up $44.5 billion for U.S. companies in 2014.

With advertising being such a big part of any company’s marketing budget, it is important for companies to find new ways of standing out from the crowd. One unsuspecting business is using the latest in printing services to provide customers with a whole new shopping experience.

New York-based Dylan’s Candy Bar has taken printing to a new level. The candy bar recently partnered with Katjes Magic Candy Factory to launch the first custom 3-D gummy candy printer in the United States.

Customers will have the option of using a photo to create a unique batch of gummy candies in about five minutes. They can also customize one of more than 100 drawings as well as sketch their own shape, word, or name.

Best of all, the gummy candies are gluten-free and dairy-free. This is because they are made from natural fruit and vegetable extracts, which is different from the traditional gelatin that is often used to make gummies. There are currently eight flavors and colors to choose from, but more are expected to be added.

This kind of innovative technology will have New York city printing services and printing companies everywhere looking for new ways to use similar technology to market products and services. Once it gains enough attention, customers will be looking for what printing companies NYC has to service their needs.

Although 3-D printing is not always offered by many commercial printing companies, the best printing companies NYC has should have access to this technology. For the 62% of Americans who find joy in checking their mailboxes each day, the surprise of an edible 3-D treat could be an effective way to connect with potential customers.

Currently, Dylan’s Candy Bar has the exclusive rights for U.S. retail and online sales using the Magic Candy Factory machines but, in due time, it will not be long before printing companies begin implementing edibles from 3D printers in non-traditional ways.

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