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These Printing Projects Will Help Grow Your Business

printing companyWhether you just started a new business or you’re just looking to upgrade your current outreach, your local printing company can help you stand out. A print company can help you create easy, tangible resources for you to expand your visibility and your client base, all while giving you the professional established appearance you’ve been hoping to achieve. Here are just a few things that you can have your local printing company print for your business:

Business Cards – With over 27,397,260 business cards printed every day, nothing is easier than a classic business card for spreading the word about your business. You can have your cards designed to make a statement about your business style. And with some print companies, you can request rush printing, and you can have them in your hands today.

Outdoor Signs – Outdoor advertising will cost you 80% less than TV advertising, 60% less than newspaper ads, and 50% less than radio advertisements per impression. That means that for pennies on the dollar, you can have outdoor advertising that will get your business seen by the whole neighborhood. Printing signs for your business can help you to give potential clients an idea of what your business is all about.

Promotional Gifts – When Americans receive a promotional gift with a company’s logo on it, 84% of them report that they retain that company’s name. Think about sending your clients custom printed items like calendars, mugs, stationary, or pens. These promotional items will help your customers really remember your business, and will give them something useful to use as well.

Visit your local print company today to find out about what services they can offer you for your business. Seeing your business in print really helps you to stand out, so don’t hesitate to help your business be great.

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3 Reasons Print Marketing is Here to Stay


With new technologies being developed every day, it can start to feel like printing is becoming a thing of the past. However, printing services are bigger than ever, and print marketing continues to be one of the best choices you can make for your business. There are many different kinds of printing projects accessible to you at your local print company and printing services, and here are just a few reasons why print marketing is going to benefit your company, so you can separate rumor from reality.

It’s exciting and noticeable – When something is in print, people pay attention. With less print mail being sent out every day, you have a greater opportunity of having your print media seen and noticed. Consumers also report that receiving something in the mail increased its apparent importance. Not only that, but 62% of Americans enjoy checking their mailboxes for new mail.

It increases your business presence – Depending on the print project you decide on, you can guarantee that your business will get the attention it deserves. Outdoor signs and billboards cost 80% less than television advertising, 50% less than radio advertising, and 60% less than newspaper advertising, and can be seen from all around.

It’s something people will remember – Whether you print one of the 27,397,260 business cards that are made every day, or a calendar that the average consumer will keep for all 12 months of the year, you can count on your clients remembering your business name and trade. People love to get free stuff, and free stuff with your company brand can increase your visibility and create great relationships with your clients. 84% of consumers will remember your name when you send them these goodies, too. Just another success for printing projects.

So don’t hesitate, look into print marketing for your business, and see for yourself how it can help your company grow.

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Catch Your Customer’s Eye With These Print Marketing Ideas

With the rise of the Digital Age, you might think that print marketing is a thing of the past. Advertising on the internet is cheaper, easier, and seems to give better results. So why would anyone want to shell out all this money on print advertising? The answer might surprise you. For 76% of small business owners, the ideal marketing strategy is a combination of both print and digital communication. But how do you get the consumers interested? Here are some unique ways your printing company can help get the attention of you customers:

Give Them Something to Read
If you bury your target market in sales information without giving them a reason to buy, they’re not going to listen. Instead of trying to send your customer a catalog that will end up in the trash, send them something they can read. Make a company magazine or newsletter, featuring industry-related news and updates as to what is happening in your company. Offer consumers something they can apply to their daily life, such as helpful tips or recipes. This will increase the probability of your customers reading your content, and will also create a mental connection between your company and the industry you work in.

Give Them Free Stuff
Everybody likes free stuff. In fact, 84% of Americans retain a company’s name when they receive promotional gifts with that company’s logo on it. If you’re thinking of ordering custom printed items from a print company to promote your business, try to give your customers something they will use often. Office supplies can be great, but try to get creative. For example, a spa might want to give out a free face mask with their information on it. That way, the consumer can relate the product to your company, increasing your overall brand awareness.

Give Them Something They’ll Use All Year
Put together a company calendar that your customers can hang in their home, or put on their desk. Recent studies have shown that consumers keep promotional calendars for all 12 months of the year on average. Add a fun twist to you calendar by adding art, pictures from company events, or industry related tips. You can even have your employees get together for a photo shoot for a bit of added fun.

If you think that print marketing is a dying medium, think again! Print marketing can be a great way to get your company noticed.

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