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The Future is Now With 3D Printing

online printingThis week, the Wall Street Journal reported valuable new updates on the evolution of 3-D printing. Aside from functional body parts and food, 3-D printers can now also generate unique and functional pieces of art for your home, out of just about any material. One of the market printers, MakerBot “plans to launch a line of filaments — something like the ink cartridges in a regular printer — made partly of limestone, maple, bronze and iron.” From lacy light-bulbs to chandeliers made of printed gears, the frontier of 3-D printed artisan decor is just ahead of us.

For artists, much of the process of creation and design can be frustrating and arduous. For a fraction of the time and cost, designers can now plan their creations digitally and then use online printing to acquire the individual pieces for assembly. The results are stunning, custom printed items, one-of-a-kind pieces of art that, in time, you’ll be able to print out at and assemble at home.

This development predicts a way to bridge a gap between the artisan and the art. 3-D printing is an engaging enough conversation topic, let alone when you reveal that it’s responsible for a one-of-a-kind home creation. Michael McHale, who uses 3-D printers to make breath-taking chandeliers, says, “It’s not only that they love the product; they’re enamored of the story.”

Instead of handing out one of the 27,397,260 business cards printed every day, what if you could just print out a little model replica of your face? These are the kinds of possibilities on the horizon for custom 3-D printing.

For those of us who aren’t fortunate enough to own a 3-D printer, or don’t have the budget for couture decor, there are lots of ways to get creative with printing. Your local printing services can offer custom canvas art prints, metal art prints, photo books, and more. They also offer card stock printing, so you can design your own paper art and assemble it at home using online printing, just like the pros.

You can also use your local printing company to grow your business with a printed car-wrap, which 48% of people think is the most unique form of advertising, or some promotional calendars, which your customers are reported to keep all year long. The possibilities are endless!

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Why Silicon Valley Is Dead Wrong About Print Being Dead

rush printing

While Silicon Valley loyalists like to think that print mediums are on their way out, they’re hardly unbiased observers. And U.S. businesses know better — 76% of small businesses describe their ideal marketing plan as a combination of print and digital communication. And if print is on its way out, tell that to the U.S. companies who spent a staggering $44.5 billion on direct mail marketing in 2014, or the consumers who printed more than 27 million business cards that year.

In fact, far from being a threat, the digital revolution has given rush printing companies more tools than ever to improve their business and printing services. That’s why printing services in NYC offer some of the most advanced rush printing options in the world today.

When businesses have last-minute printing needs, the best 24 hour rush printing NYC has to offer has never been simpler to use in a rush. In the 21st century, a combination of new digital tools and classic printing techniques have made rush printing more convenient and affordable than ever before. Customers can email digital files or bring them to a rush printing shop on a thumb drive, then have their file printed onto a variety of physical mediums on demand.

The ease of digital photo editing and file transfers, combined with the proven success of print advertising, means that small businesses rely on rush printing more, not less. Plus, outdoor advertising like banner printing, building wraps, and outdoor signs cost up to 80% less than TV ads, 60% less than newspaper ads, and 50% less than radio ads.

That means businesses and consumers alike have easy access to high-impact, low-cost commercial printing options. And with photo editing software getting more advanced with every update, and digital tools making rush printing more accessible, it’s clear why so many people still rely on old-school printing in the new-school digital age.

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