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5 Fresh Ideas for Boosting Your Company Brand With Print Materials

If you run a small or medium-sized business, you probably have already taken advantage of the digital printing services that allow a printing company to offer you low prices, quick turnaround, a high degree of customization and no minimum run requirements. But have you thought of expanding your print marketing efforts past advertising banners, posters and fliers?

Here are five creative ways you can take advantage of your printing company’s services and boost your company brand:

    Market research shows that promotional gifts are an effective means of advertising; in fact, 84% of consumers who receive a branded promotional gift will remember the company’s name. If you want to give your potential clients something they can actually use, consider personalized bookmarks. They’re small, affordable and easily customizable — and since many people use receipts and other scraps as bookmarks, they’ll probably be happy to upgrade even if it’s branded with your logo.

  3. Barricade Wraps
    Barricade wrap printing allows you to take the ugly, unused space of a construction barrier and turn it into a huge advertising canvas.

  5. Vehicle Wraps
    Since your company vehicles likely spend a lot of time stuck in traffic, you might as well take advantage of that time by advertising to other drivers. Custom vehicle wraps range from simple, restrained door and window graphics to complete patterned wraps; the style you choose should depend on the image you’d like to project for your company.

  7. Vinyl Graphics
    Custom vinyl wall graphics or floor graphics can allow you to make the most of your storefront. Instead of having plain graphics of your logo printed, have a designer create a chic pattern you may even be able to sell to your customers. That way, they’ll actually be paying for the privilege of advertising for you.

  9. Photo Areas
    It’s the age of the selfie, and people love posting and seeing photos of themselves online. Have your printing company create a fun photo backdrop that incorporates your logo and set it up at your next event. You can either let people take their own photos using cell phones, or you can have an employee man the photo station with a good camera — just be sure you let your guests know when and where you’ll be posting the photos online so they can tag themselves and share their photos. As they self promote, they’ll be promoting you, too.

How else can you expand your marketing vocabulary past banners and signs? Share your ideas, no matter how wacky, in the comments.

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3 Ways to Brand Your Space Using Vinyl Decals

Digital printing has made custom printing services increasingly affordable for individuals and businesses, allowing for a high degree of personalization and lower minimum quantities than traditional offset printing. Digital printing also allows for the use of nontraditional mediums. If you’ve done all you can with posters, fliers and other print ads, you may want to consider vinyl decals instead. Here are some ideas for how to utilize custom printing services to create a contemporary look on nearly any surface in your business space.

  1. Windows
    Using vinyl decals in your storefront’s windows allows you to brand them without blocking the view into your business. And since vinyl widow graphics are removable, you can use them to advertise temporary sales or to decorate for the seasons. Essentially, custom window graphics give you all the flexibility of window paint, but with far less hassle and a sleeker, more professional result.
  2. Walls
    Vinyl wall graphics are also rapidly growing in popularity. These are easily installed without specialty equipment, and can be removed without damaging the wall underneath. Easily recognizable silhouette patterns such as branches and leaves are common choices, but custom printing services allow you to use your logo, personalized artwork or even quotes to dress up your space. Since prefabricated vinyl wall graphics can be easily bought from a number of venues, you might as well take advantage of the opportunity you have working with a printer by choosing something unique, instead of a generic pattern.
  3. Floors
    When you’re assessing potential advertising surfaces, don’t forget the floor! A classic use for custom floor graphics is a logo on a gym floor, but the possibilities are practically endless. Consider arrows or instructions that can guide your customers through the store, or use floor images to add visual interest without the maintenance hassles caused by carpet.

If you don’t have a storefront to decorate, vinyl decals also make excellent promotional gifts. Research shows that if given an item with a company’s name or logo on it, 84% of Americans will remember that company’s name. And since decals might be affixed on a variety of surfaces, your customers will essentially be spreading advertising materials for you, free of charge.

Have you used vinyl decals as part of your business advertising strategy? What was your experience? Share in the comments.

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