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3 Fresh Ideas for Promotional Gifts

You may have already thought of hanging advertising banners to promote your business, and that’s an important step when it comes to branding. But did you know that 84% of Americans who receive a promotional gift branded with a company’s name or logo will retain that company’s information? Giving your clients or customers something to take home with them can be an incredibly effective marketing strategy that encourages them to come back — and markets to those around them in the meantime.

Digital printing allows for many options, including printing on unusual surfaces and sizes of objects. And custom printing services can be surprisingly affordable, even for small businesses, since digital printing allows for smaller minimum runs than traditional offset methods. Here are three fresh ideas for promotional materials to get you started:

    Bookmarks are an ideal gift for two reasons. First, they can be customized with nearly endless options. Sizes, paper weights, colors, fonts, foiling and embossing mean you can be as simple or as elaborate as you like with a design to promote your company. Second, they’re something that your customers can use every day, and yet may not have a strong preference for and may not buy for themselves (as opposed to something like canvas bags).If you prefer a sleeker look, you can go with simple, clean-cut edges. But if you want a more classic feel or more opportunity to customize, a hole for a ribbon or tassel can be added.
  2. Calendars: 
    There’s a long tradition of giving calendars as business gifts — so much so, in fact, that some people rely on them, never actually buying calendars themselves. Calendars offer your company the choice of how much you’d like to promote your brand on each and every page.The advantage a digital printing company can offer when it comes to custom calendar printing is a much faster turnaround, so there’s no need to panic if you realize you’re coming up to the holidays and don’t yet have gifts for your clients. And since digital printing also allows for smaller quantities of each product, you can make a few different designs if necessary.
  3. Labels and Stickers: 
    Custom label printing can be a multi-purpose branding strategy. On the one hand, using branded labels or stickers on your products allows you to save on costly custom packaging without making your product feel generic. But stickers can also make great giveaways, particularly if your business targets younger people who still have school binders or dorm rooms to decorate. Custom printing services allow for designing something that is both eye-catching enough that your customers will want to use your stickers, and still incorporates all your company information.

How do you take advantage of the options offered by custom printing services? What has been most successful for your business? Share in the comments.

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The 5 Essential Elements of a Print Ad

Wide format printing can make a big impact when it comes to branding your business and drawing in new customers. Luckily, business printing services are making it increasingly easy to print custom wall graphics, advertising banners and large posters. Despite the prevalence of Internet marketing, 76% of small businesses report that their ideal marketing campaign includes both digital and print strategies.

The other good news is that business printing services are surprisingly affordable, even for small businesses on a tight budget. But if you’re too small to have in-house graphic designers and copywriters, how will you design your ads? There are many factors that go into designing high-impact print advertising, but these are the five elements you should always make sure are on your ad when you’re getting started:

  1. Your Company’s Name:

    Big companies can get away with omitting their names, using only a logo or distinctive design to let consumers know whose ad they’re looking at (think of Apple ads). But if you’re a small business, don’t be tempted to make your ad overly mysterious. The intent of advertising is to get your name out there.

  2. What Your Business Does:

    You may think this is made obvious by your business’s name if it’s something like Brooklyn Auto Repair or Banner Printing NYC. But make sure your viewers walk away with a clear representation of the services you provide. You don’t want to clutter up the ad with too much copy — the larger ad space afforded by wide format printing should be used for larger font sizes, eye-catching visuals and white space — so come up with multiple examples and test them on several people to see which makes the most sense using the fewest words.

  3. A Call to Action:

    A call to action, in marketing, is a direct instruction given to the viewer. The classic example of a CTA is “Call Today!,” but you can be a little more creative. Just make sure you’re telling your viewers what they should be doing after they see your ad.

  4. Contact Information:

    If you’re calling your potential customers to action, make sure they know where to call. QR codes and similar technologies can be a convenient way to help your customers find you (since they can scan the code with their smartphones and be taken directly to your website), but don’t forget that these codes sometimes fail to work. At the very least, include a phone number and web address.

  5. Supporting Visual Elements:

    Potential customers on the move won’t spend too long looking at your ad, particularly if it’s a large format ad placed outside. Visual elements are the best way to maximize your impact, so choose something with bold colors, leaving plenty of white space so the viewer can focus.

Depending on the business printing services you choose, your print company may be able to provide you with some advice as well. And digital printing — which uses a process more like your home or office printer on a larger scale, rather than creating custom plates and layering inks as in traditional offset printing — allows for affordable printing of smaller runs. So if you’re supplementing your wide format ads with smaller pieces, take advantage of this opportunity by trying a few different strategies to figure out what type of print advertising is most effective for your small business.

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