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The Importance of Quality Printing in Branding and Marketing Materials

The products and services and the manner in which they are offered are the essential components to a business’ success. But what can be confidently said is that branding and marketing are certainly equally as important.

Having said that, branding through printed materials like banners, brochures, posters, etc. is cost-effective and one of the effective methods to attract potential customers – more than half of the customers find this type of advertising the most trustworthy (source: Expandedramblings).

When it comes to printed materials, creating the right content is just half the battle – you need to also have quality digital and offset printing. If you do not utilize high-quality printing, you are most likely to lose a lot of potential business for sure.

From menus to leaflets, brochures to magazines, and banner printing …etc., print quality is extremely important as it is the one quality that straightaway gets noticed by the customers. At a single glance, the printing quality will reflect many things about your business in your potential customers’ mind:

  • A good quality marketing copy grabs the attention of the customers and makes them go through the content. Many times, the quality of your printed materials will be the first introduction to your business
  • A good quality printed copy gives a good first impression of your business
  • Quality of print reflects the quality of service you offer
  • It talks about your attention to detail and the standards you set in your company
  • It also shows the value you give to your customer and how much you care for them
  • Quality print gives your business a professional look. It will help them remember your company when they need the services you offer

If you are looking for high quality digital printing or offset printing to brand and market your products and services, you have come to the right place. Feel free to give us a call today.

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Benefits of Digital Printing

Digital printing is economical, convenient and quality printing solution available today for low quantity prints. Digital printing is recommended for smaller quantities of copies.

Whether it is for business cards, letter heads, banners, calendars, greeting cards, posters, brochures or invitation cards, digital printing is considered the best choice because of the benefits it offers.

Fast turnaround: If you compare digital printing with offset printing, the latter has a lengthy setup process; whereas in digital printing, there are no printing plates and so the time to set up a file to print is shorter.

High quality: The advantage of digital printing is the quality of the print. The clarity of pictures and images is far superior and quite impressive. With digital print, the quality remains consistent regardless of the number of prints – even the 500th print will be same as that of the first.

Cost-effective: Compared to offset printing, unit cost of print may be a little higher but when set up costs and wastage is considered, digital printing is cheaper for low volume printing option.

Personalization: Digital printing uses variable data printing – based on your printing needs, you can customize content/images. You can print as many personalized brochures/flyers/business cards as you want by using variable data printing.

These are some of the major benefits digital printing offers. To get the best of your printing needs, hire a professional digital printing company to do the job.

Feel free to contact us with any question you have on digital printing, or let us know your printing needs, we will guide you to the most economical and efficient option.

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